Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The 3 Mistakes of My Life

The 3 Mistakes of My Life – Chetan Bhagat.

The new release of Chetan Bhagat, “The 3 Mistakes of My Life. I read it last weak-end, and what I can say in one line is it is typical Chetan Bhagat style book. It seems that Mr. Chetan Bhagat has some kind of software, which he use to write his novel. He just puts new characters, names, situations in the software and the novel is ready. The characteristic of his protagonist is similar, their thinking process is also similar. As in the main character in his first book “Five Point Someone” would have done same thing if he was put in place of Govind patel of this book. Actually his first book and this book is so similar that it seems like he just change the name of his characters and put them in different situation. As you can make out that the main characters in both the book is not at all heroic, he is absolutely normal average person nothing extraordinary. But his best friend is more like a hero. Then the love track of main character in this book immediately reminds you of first book. One more thing which suggest that Chetan Bhagat is working on well thought format is that he included numbers in all the titles of his books five, one and now three. Or may be it is his superstition to add number in the titles. This may be because he is entered in the world of bollywood. He is certainly decided to write his novels keeping bollywood in mind. His first two novels are already on the floor to be in bollywood movies. And the way this book is shaped this is also going in same direction.

If I don’t compare this novel with chetan Bhagat’s earlier works. Then I am really impressed with this book. It has friendship, love, business, cricket, religion, riots, and ya happy ending, everything a bollywood movie demands. The book starts of really well. An email to author from a businessman who is going to take slipping pills. Excellent isn’t it, everyone wants to know why he is doing it, you want to get bottom of it, and so you never keep book down. And if that happens author is winner isn’t it.

Chetan Bhagat has front runner of these new breed of authors who don’t use heavy duty English, instead he use just simple spoken English in India, Indian sentiments, passions. So he is surely represents youth of India. I just hope he doesn’t lost in bollywood and keep up his good work and write many more novels in future.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jane Tu Ya Jane na……

Last weak end I had really good time, as I watched the movie “Jane tu ya Jane na….” I really enjoyed the movie and feel like paisa vasool. Movie has array of new comers, top lining Hero of the film Imran Khan which was known more as Aamir’s nephew, rather than Imran Khan himself. But after this movie he will certainly have his own recognition.

The movie has some fierce competition with another new comer’s movie “Love story 2050” top lining Harman Baweja. Who always looked like a Hero material. As compared to him Imran Khan never look to have that oomph factor but he certainly make up with his understanding of every scene and talent.

When the first promo come out of “Love story 2050” which shows Mumbai in 2050 with skyscrapers, flying planes and Harman Baweja posing with his name revolving around him, I was really excited about the movie. I thought, wow here is bollywood’s real Sci-fi movie. But when next promos start coming it wasn’t thrilling enough, they actually failed to lead me to the theatres. It seems Harry Baweja, the Director of the movie and also the father of Harman tried to hard to launch his son as a Hero. He seems to be want to give him great launch so he has to dance well, he has to have great body and everything else. And may be other stuff took back seat. Anyway I never watched the movie so I shouldn’t comment on it any way. But as I seen “Jane Tu….” Lead more people to the theaters than “Love Story 2050”, as for all weak-end “Jane Tu…” was houseful and “ Love Story..” was secondary thought for people.

On the contrary to “Love Story…”, first promo was “ Jane Tu…” wasn’t that good. But excitement build up with the promos after that. Promos tell me that its on youth, Light Hearted romantic movie. With catchy songs by A.R. Rahman. And then the producer was Aamir Khan which is almost equal to quality movie. Which I don’t think is true for any superstar in bollywood. I am big fan of Amitabh Bachchan but he also does movies like RGV’s Shole. Anyways that’s a different story. Aamir Khan was did great to promote this film, he even get along with media which he normally doesn’t do. If this movie has good start it is because of Aamir’s Brand image. But when you are in theatres and movie starts, never it occurs to you that Aamir is associated with this movie, and you don’t feel any need for it.

As for the movie, you always know the story even before going to movie; but you like to watch romantic movies and you like the new treatment every time. Movie is always a director’s medium of expression and Abbas Tyrwalla done amazing job. Being writer certainly help him. The movie has very good screenplay and you enjoy every scene. The casting of the movie also spot on. Everyone did fabulous job. It was flawless performance by everyone except Genelia, I think being experienced in the young cast she could have done better. The movie is in the league of these new era of romantic movies of Imtiaz Ali like “Socha Na Tha” and “Jab We met”.

I think success of any movies lies in the fact that you never want to end, you will like to go on or you wonder what might happen next. And “Jane tu …” give me that feeling. So it is certainly well made movie. And of course as usual music by A.R. Rahman is best.

What I can say more…It is must watch movie. And I will also advice you to archive th DVD when it comes out.



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