Thursday, October 29, 2009

Must Read Books.........Part3

1. Book Name: “Changuna”

Language: Marathi

Author: Aacharya Atre (Pra. Ke. Atre)

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 224

Cost: 120 Rs.

Publisher: Parchure Prakashan

First Published: 15 August 1954

2. Book Name: “Balut”

Language: Marathi

Author: Daya Pawar

Genre: Autobiography

Pages: 196

Cost: 32 Rs.

Publisher: Granthali Prakashan

First Published: 24th December 1978

3. Book Name: “Pangira”

Language: Marathi

Author: Vishwas Patil

Genre: Novel, Fiction

Pages: 192

Cost: 130 Rs.

Publisher: Rajhans Prakashan

4. Book Name: “Bhutacha Janm Aani Katha”

Language: Marathi

Author: Da. Ma. Mirasadar

Genre: Short Stories, Humor

Pages: 146

Cost: 50 Rs.

Publisher: Continental Prakashan

First Published: 1958

5. Book Name: “Shilanganach Sona”

Language: Marathi

Author: Babasaheb Purandare

Genre: Fiction, History

Pages: 103

Cost: 12 Rs.

Publisher: Purandare Prakashan

6. Book Name: “Appointment”

Language: Marathi

Author: Vi. Va. Shirwadkar

Genre: Short Stories

Pages: 156

Cost: 12 Rs.

Publisher: Viswakarma Sahityalay

First Published: January 1978

7. Book Name: “Samidha”

Language: Marathi

Author: Ranjit Desai

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 171

Cost: 15 Rs.

Publisher: Ajab Pustakalay

First Published: 3rd March 1979

8. Book Name: “Bhatache Phul”

Language: Marathi

Author: Ga. Di. Madgulkar

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 146

Cost: 125 Rs.

Publisher: Kulkarni Granthagar

9. Book Name: “Mirasdari”

Language: Marathi

Author: Da. Ma. Mirasdar

Genre: Short Stories

Pages: 365

Cost: 100 Rs.

Publisher: Continental Prakashan

First Published: 1966

10. Book Name: “Zunz”

Language: Marathi

Author: Na. Sa. Inamdar

Genre: Biographical Novel

Pages: 620

Cost: 200 Rs.

Publisher: Continental Prakashan

First Published: 1966

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bandra-Worli Sea Link.........Part 2

Book Review: "Hak Aabhalachi"

BOOK REVIEW “Hak Aabhalachi”

Author: Shri. Na. Pendase

Language: Marathi

Genre: Biographical Novel

Pages: 241

Cost: 200/-

Publisher: Parchure Prakashan

First Published in India: 19 March, 2007

“Hak Aabhalachi” is a biographical novel on ‘Lokmanya Tilak’. Lokmanya Tilak has been my idol from my childhood days. He is one of the top most respected, talented, larger than life, and God like personalities of Maharashtra. He is in the league of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharj for me. We still regret that there are still not enough books on Chatrapti Shivaji Maharaj. Same thing also applies for Lokmanya Tilak. There are hardly any books which elaborates the story of this Maharashtra’s Hero. Only way today’s youth is learning about him is through school books. And that is surely not enough. So when I came across this book I was overjoyed. And other reason to pick this book is that the book is penned by Shri. Na. Pendase, who is one of my favorite authors. So I had huge expectation from this book.

But book does not fulfill any of my expectation. I did not come across any new thing about Lokmanya Tilak’s life which I wasn’t already familiar of. Book is irritatingly repetitive. You will find same story repeated in every chapter. Book is not at all in the form on novel it looks like grouping of essays written on Lokmanya Tilak. As I mention earlier Shri. Na. Pendase is my favorite author. But I did find his class and quality lacking badly in this book. It may be because while writing this book he was really old as he mentioned in prologue. As a fan of his work I really feel sad to say that this is worst book written by him. And saddest thing is that it happened with the book which was based on my idol ‘Lokmanya Tilak’.

Although it is not up to the mark of best novels, youth of Maharashtra and India should read this book. And try to know the great man who served Maharashtra immensely. I hope someone will do more research on him and put light on the life of Tilak. Or after 2-3 decades Lokmanya Tilak will remain as a statue in some junction or name for any train any station any road for next generation. He will fade away from history.

If I have to rate this book I will give it 3 out of 10.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Celebrities with Cancer...........Part2

Vijay Hazare was an Indian cricket player from the state of Maharashtra. He captained the Indian cricket team in 14 matches between 1951 and 1953. In India's 25th Test match, nearly 20 years after India achieved Test status, he led India to her first ever Test win in 1951-52 against England at Madras, winning by an innings and eight runs. He died of Cancer.

Nutan was an Indian Bollywood actress, who appeared in several successful movies of the 50s and 60s. Highly regarded for her acting abilities, Nutan was recognised as an accomplished dramatic actress, and her performances often received praises and accolades. She holds the record of winning five Filmfare Best Actress Award, the highest number of awards won by an actress. She died of Cancer at the age of 54.

Sheryl Crow is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Her music blends rock, country and pop into one mainstream sound, and she has won nine Grammy Awards. In 2006 Crow was treated for breast cancer, and had "minimally invasive" surgery in Los Angeles in February 2006, followed by radiation therapy.

Christina Applegate is an American actress. She has a established film and television career, with major roles in several pictures. Christina Applegate was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. But Applegate is cancer free now.

Srividya was a leading Indian Film actress of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, in addition to being a good singer. In the latter part of her career, she concentrated on Malayalam films. Her brilliant portrayals as a mother in many films were highly acclaimed. Srividya's personal life was full of tragedies. She fought against all odds with dedication in her work until she died of breast cancer.

Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (1927 - 2001), affectionately known as Gurudeva by his followers, was born in Oakland, California on January 5, 1927 and adopted Saivism as a young man. He traveled to India and Sri Lanka where he received initiation from Sage Yogaswami of Jaffna in 1949. In the 1970s he established a Hindu monastery in Kauai, Hawaii and founded the magazine Hinduism Today. The author of many books on Hinduism and metaphysics, Subramuniyaswami was one of the most prominent faces of Hinduism during the last two decades of the 20th century.

Nilu Phule was an Indian actor known for his roles in the Marathi language movies and Marathi theatre. Nilu Phule had acted in around 250 Marathi and Hindi movies during his film career. Nilu Phule died on 13 July 2009, aged 78, from esophageal cancer. Phule was also a social worker, and was associated with Rashtra Seva Dal. He was one of the best actors in India.

Nelson Mandela is a former President of South Africa, the first to be elected in a fully representative democratic election, who held office from 1994–99. Before that The South African courts convicted him on charges of sabotage, as well as other crimes committed while he led the movement against apartheid. In accordance with his conviction, Mandela served 27 years in prison, spending many of these years on Robben Island. In South Africa he is often known as Madiba, an honorary title adopted by elders of Mandela's clan. The title has come to be synonymous with Nelson Mandela. In July 2001 Mandela was diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. He was treated with a seven-week course of radiation.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bong Beauties in Bollywood...........Part2

11. Rituparna Sengupta
12. Rimi Sen
13. Rani Mukherjee14. Rakhee Gulzar
15. Raima Sen

16. Nandana Sen

17. Munmun Sen

18. Maushami Chatrjee

19. Mala Sinha


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