Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Innovative Gadgets: Wirless Speaker "EVOLVE"

Finally, the "Evolve" has evolved. Once you had the dock plugged in you are ready to go. You can grab a speaker cube in each hand and walk them anywhere at 100 feet distance. The sound is amazing, great separation, solid bass and clear treble. And the clean, high-tech design looks good.

Each speaker cube has its own long-life Lithium-Ion battery pack, delivering up to 10 hours of music between charges. "Evolve" even can charges wirelessly: to charge the batteries, just place the speaker on its charging station. It's so elegantly simple, there's nothing to plug in, and nothing to unplug when you're ready to stop the party. Each speaker features its own on/off switch on the top of the cube, and an automatic sleep mode to conserve battery charge.

Compatible with every iPod, it also integrates with CD, MP3 players, MiniDisc players, and TV's, stereo receivers equipped with Aux Audio inputs. While the current "Evolve" works with iPhone in airplane mode, the company is working on making it as compatible as possible so that the airplane mode nag-screen doesn't pop up in the future.

The included RF remote lets you switch playlists, shuffle and adjust the EQ.

If you've been looking for a new wireless system it's finally here. Cut the cord.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Movie Review: "JOGWA"

Movie Review “Jogawa”

Genre: Drama

Director: Rajiv Patil

Producer: Shripal Morakhia

Presenter: IDream Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Language: Marathi

Star Cast: Upendra Limaye, Mukta Barve, Vinay Aapate, Amita Khopkar, Kishor Kadam, Sharvari and others

Music: Ajay – Atul

Although we all are moving towards globalization rapidly every day, thanks to various means of communications. There are still many villages in India which performs rituals come out of superstitions regularly. “Jogawa” is a movie which enlightens one such ritual or superstition which is still going on in villages. The movie is directed by Rajiv Patil who’s earlier films “Savarkhed Ek Gaon” and “Sanai Chaughade” appreciated by people. But this time he comes up with much more hard hitting story. It is a story of people who called as “Jogatin” and “Jogata” who m their family given up on the name of goddess to serve her. But the society treats them inhumanly and looks at them as mere sex objects.

The story happens in village where there is strong influence of Goddess ‘Yelamma’. And this influence is used by some people for their own cause on people who believe in these superstitions. Like the central characters of the movie Tayappa (played by Upendra Limaye) and Suli (played by Mukta Barve). When Suli’s mother found knots while combing her she was suggested she should be made ‘Jogatin’, and serve the goddess. Same with Tayappa when his father (played by Vinay Aapte) found out that Tayappa passing blood while urinating. He forced him to be a Jogata. Now he has to act like woman, ware cloths like woman and serve the goddess.

Both of them enjoyed the new environment for sometime but soon the society try to exploit them. They find solace in each other’s company and found love. And this is unthinkable and impermissible for any ‘Jogata’ and ‘Jogatin’. So the story is how they fight against the superstition and find their way.

The movie already won many National Awards. We can see some brilliant performance in the movie. Upendra Limaye, Mukta Barve were brilliant so was all the actors. Rajiv Patil comes up with his best work yet. Technically the movie is 10 0n 10. Good cinematography and good music by Ajay – Atul which enhance the movie experience and made it more believable.

If I have to rate this movie I will give it 9 out of 10.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Book Review: "CUCKOLD"



Author: Kiran Nagarkar

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Pages: 609

Cost: 395 Rs

Publisher: Harper Collins Publisher India

First Published in India: 1997

“Cuckold” is an award winning book of Kiran Nagarkar. Kiran Nagarkar is very interesting author. He wrote his first book “Saat Sakkan Trechalis” in Marathi which also won awards. But it was very much controversial book and many say, that was the reason he moved to English. This book is also no less contentious. Title of the book as well as the subject is very much controversial. The word cuckold means a married man who has an adulterous wife. Now the book sound interesting, isn’t it? Add to it that although the book is fiction, the characters in the book are not fictions there real character from Indian History. So it raised my curiosity and I had to read this book.

As I said earlier book is very much controversial because one of the most important characters in this book is “Saint Meerabai”. Although author did not mention his name throughout the book, you get the hint it’s her from the start. At the end of the book author declared it’s her. Now ‘Saint Meerabai’ is divine figure in India, but in the book her husband is ‘Cuckold’ i.e. she is the one has adulterous affair out of marriage which is actually with the “God Krishna”. The book also has lot of sexual overtones which can make the book touchy for many.

But the book is actually not about “Meerabai” but her husband, a prince and supposedly a successor of a throne. And novel is his life story where he has to fight for the throne with his brothers and also with father. I think the book is one of the must read books especially for the people who are interested in Indian history. The book is also translated in Marathi called as “Pratispardhi”.

If I have to rate this book I will give it 8 out of 10.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quotes from Book "Vidyutprakash"

१. जग मनुष्यांच्या खेळाकरिता निर्माण झालेले नाही, देवाच्या खेळाकरिता ते आहे. माणसे म्हणजे काय? नुसती खेळणि.
२. जुगाराला लोक वाईट म्हणतात; पण खरोखर सगळे जग जुगारी आहे. डॉक्टर रोग्याला वाचविण्याची, वकील आरोपीला फासावरुन सोडविण्याची किंवा मास्तर मुलाला वरच्या इयत्तेत घालण्याची हमी थोडीच देतात! पण लोक त्यांना पैसे देतातच की नाही? शिवाय सगळे जग नशिबावर चालले आहे बघा. जुगार म्हणजे नशीब! आणखी काय आहे दुसरे? जन्म हा जुगार, परीक्षा हा जुगार, लग्न हा जुगार, आणि मरण हाही जुगाराच.
Author – Vi. Sa. Khandekar
Book - Vidyutprakash

Monday, March 22, 2010

Marathi Mulagi in Bollywood ......... Part4

25. Smita Patil

26. Shubha Khote

27. Shobhana Samarth

28. Shilpa Shirodkar

29. Shashikala

30. Seema Deo

31. Renuka Shahane

32. Rakhee Sawant

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Innovative Gadgets: Cellphone Holder

Look at those pretty roses, all plush and soft and fluffy. You would probably never guess that you were looking at a bunch of cell phone holders:
There’s something just weird about storing your phone in the pedals of these plush roses. It’s almost as if someone bought a large quantity of plush roses and said “what else can I sell these as”. You could also use them to hold desk supplies:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Book Review:- "Abhogi"



Author: Ranjit Desai

Genre: Novel, Fiction

Language: Marathi

Pages: 244

Cost: 150 Rs

Publisher: Mehta Publishing House

First Published in India: April 1987

“Abhogi” authored by Ranjit Desai, who is one of my most favorite authors. He generally writes historical novels or rather he is more famous for his historical novels. His novels “Shriman Yogi” based on life of “Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj” and “Swami” based on Maratha Peshawa are legendary. He got “Padmashree” for his work in literature. Both these books are Must Read Books. So when I picked up this book, I had great expectations from it. First of all it is not a historical novel.

The book is not his best of work. If I have to rate the book I will give it 5 out of 10.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Innovative Gadgets: Remote Controlled Zombie

Awesome, remote-controlled Zombie, scary and ..dead cool.

With a remote control in your hand you can lead a zombie horde through the land of living and scare the hell out of your co-workers or friends. It does not take a much of the brain to operate this toy. Press the button once, and he hobbles forward! Press the button again, and he comes to a lurching, zombie-esque stop!

Get yours at

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