Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Scent of Earth in August

Book Review: “The Scent of earth in August”

Author: Feryal Ali Gauhar

Language: English

Genre: Novel (Fiction)

Pages: 281

Cost: 250 Rs.

Publisher: Penguin Books

First Published: 2002

THIS is a book written by a Pakistani Author. I think Book is set in 1990. As Pakistan is a country which is following a self destruction mode led by Talibanis and other terrorist activities. So I was very much curious about way people in Pakistan living their life in such extreme condition. And that is the reason I picked up this book. Although this book is not at all about terrorist activities and their effects in Pakistan. As book is set in 1990 and I guess Pakistan was more stable country at that time in terms of terrorism.

The book is set in the city of Lahore in Pakistan, in an area called Kucha Miran Shah. It is also called as Tibbi Galli. This is actually a red light area, occupied by prostitutes and courtesans and by the people dependant on them. As city of Lahore is built by Nababs, there are lots of Havelis in this lane. Which seen very rich days once but now collapsing every day and occupied by prostitutes and courtesans who can not afford to pay even the electricity bills. The lane is at its peak only after sunset. It is full of drug addicts. The lane is occupied by many miserable, poor, crushed people.

There is no hero or heroic personality in this novel. All the characters in the book are deeply drown in their misery and sorrow. All have very much dark shades to their characters. I mean none of them are likable. Some of them are just dragging their life along and miserable without love which they could not hold on to. But still hoping for miracle to happen every day. Some of them still are waiting for love, hoping to find it again and again. Some living in past, some in future but present is gloomy for all of them.

Only likeable or rather pitiable character is of a Mute girl Fatimah, who became mute when acid, was thrown in her open mouth. She is most pitiable may be because she is mute, abandon by her mother and raised by three prostitutes. She is a main protagonist of the novel. The book starts with her and ends with her. There are many other pitiable characters. Almost all the women, as they find it hard to survive once they lost their beauties in old age. They have no one to look after them. But most hideous character would be the Moulavi who sexually abuses young boys. And drug addict mother of Fatimah who don’t mind selling her daughters for money.

There are many harsh realities posted in this book, like somewhere in the book author mentioned how boys of age 9–10 are picked up from the mosques and sent to Kashmir. Then the declaration by drug addict mother of Fatimah that "The worst of the Arabs still pay a lot more than our own kind" is shocking. Then the way book describes how rich Arab Sheikhs treatment to these young girls of 13-14 is hideous.

The book is nothing great, no big time dramatic or something. It is miserable, dirty, it is painful. But still people should read it once because I always believe books take you places without even going there. If you want to know how does red light area of Lahore look like, how are the people living there, this is a book for you. As it is well described in this book. This book is based on film Tibbi Gali. So some might prefer watching movie rather than reading books but I will suggest you read book as movies not always able to show all the details. And also take away the fun of visualizing the story by ourselves. If I have to rate the I will give 4 out of 10.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Modified Bikes - 1

If any of you interested in modifying your motor cycles, because you want to be different than others. Then this can be one good option to consider. If you think you are deadly when you are riding your bike.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Top 30 Villains in Bollywood

Unforgettable Negative or Villainous Characters in Bollywood , Part - 2

20. Lotiya Pathan: Kiran Kumar in “Tezaab”

Lotiya Pathan a villain with strange name. Kiran Kumar played the character as it should be.

19. Nana Patekar in “Angaar”

Nana Patekar gave very competitive performance in Angaar as usual.

18. Ashok Kumar in “Jewel Thief”

A mysterious character which turns out to be a villain and famous jewel thief in second half quite unexpectedly. It is a must watch movie.

17. Maharani: Sadashiv Amarapurkar in Sadak

Sadashiv Amarapurkar played a bold role of a “Chhaka” who runs a brothel and also has a gang of goons. He was the first villain to win the award in “Best actor in Negative Character.”

16. Amrish Puri in Hum Paanch, Saudagar, Meri Jung, Dayawan, Koyala, Gadar and many others…

Actually each of the characters in all these movies can be listed separately here. Amrish Puri played villain in many movies but each character was distinctively different than each other. In each role he always comes up with different look. In Hum Paanch he was a land lord, in Saudagar he was big teethed bad guy, in Meri Jung he was lawyer, in Koyala he was old Mine owner, In Gadar he played Pakistani extremist, in Dayawan he was corrupt policemen. He gave outstanding performance in each of these roles.

15. Ashutosh Rana in “Sangharsh”

Ashutosh Rana may be having some kind of degree or PHD in characters of “Serial Killers”. He comes up with even more scarier and evil performance in Sangharsh. In Dushman he loves killing women, and in Sangharsh he loves killing kids to be immortal. And in one scene when he screams it surely going to give you goose bumps. This is must watch movie for Ashutosh Rana.

14. Langada Tyagi: Saif Ali Khan in “Omkara”

Saif Ali Khan shed his good boy image and played very bad, evil and foul mouthed Langada Tyagi. Langada Tyagi is best performance of Saif’s career and I think it will be difficult for him to better that performance. “Omkara” is Indian version of Shakespere’s “Othello”. Saif ali khan outoperformed all the other actors in the movie.

13. Sunil Malhotra: Shahrukh Khan in “Darr”

Sunil Malhotra name does not sound like a name of villain isn’t it? Yes he is normal guy in movie almost a Hero who sings song for his love but he turns into villain when he find out his love is one sided. He is more of Hero turns into villain. Shahrukh Khan gave his one of most memorable or for me his best performance in this movie. Shahrukh is one of very few successful Heroes which also gave successful villain as well. He also did evil act in Bazigar and Anjam, Ram Jane. But he made his mark with the all time famous K.k.k.k.k.kkkkk….Kiran

12. Gokul Pandit(Postman): Ashutosh Rana in “Dushman”

The one and only scary postman I ever seen which is played by Ashutosh Rana in Dushman. One of the most evil characters in movies. Ashutosh Rana played a serial killer in the movie and walks over with all the accolades for his performance. He outperformed all the other actors in the movie.

11. Subedar: Naseeruddin Shah in “Mirch Masala”

Naseruddin Shah plays a Subedar in “Mirch Masala” who has relentless lust for Smita Patil. And he get punished in the end for that like no other villain in bollywood.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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