Saturday, February 01, 2014

Shares Valuation

  • Whether you do simple valuation process or very complicated methods, remember that value is a relative measure. What you’re trying to find is a bargain. Opportunity to buy shares at a bargain generally arises when something is out of favor.
  • Always look for moderately undervalued shares rather than trying to find out grossly undervalued shares. If a share is grossly undervalued, it means that there is something terribly wrong with that company.
  • You should be able to justify why you bought a share and before buying, make sure you know what would make you sell the stock.
  • Never compare your decisions with others. If you are ready to buy a stock at a particular rate for a reason, there’s someone equally ready to sell that stock for some other reason. So, it’s natural; for others to think contrary to your views.


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