Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Review: "Mrutyunjayee"


BOOK REVIEW “Mrutyunjayee”

Author: Ratnakar Matkari

Genre: Short Stories

Language: Marathi

Pages: 189

Cost: 150 Rs.

Publisher: Mehta Publishing House

First Published in India: 4 October 1983

This is Ratnakar Matkari’s First book I am reading, although he is well known king of short stories in Marathi. People say Ratnakar Matkari owns factory of Short Stories where he creates new stories day in day out. I even heard that he take his job as writer like any other office job. He sits down 10 to 6 and writes a story or so every day.

As for this book it has some good stories, some not so good. This is surely not his best of work. One of my friends suggested that his specialty is Mystery, so next time I should try my hands on that genre. If I have to rate this book I will give it 5 out of 10.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Innovative Gadgets: "Superman CD Player"

A music player fit for superheroes? Well, not quite, but at least this Superman personal CD player looks the part.

That's down to a pretty nifty design, with the Superman logo on blue background for the player, as well as a smaller version of the same look for the headphones. As a CD player, it can handle standard discs plus CD-R and CD-RW and has bass boost, a belt clip and power from 2x AA batteries.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Innovative Gadgets: "Dancing Girl Docking Station"

This is easily the most outrageous (and largest!) iPod dock we’ve ever come across. The “Disco Table“, designed by Moritz Waldemeyer, is a go-go dancer cage, except the “cage” is virtual- made of LED lights and lasers and it has a smoke machine too. And oh yeah, it also has speakers and an iPod dock on the bottom. When it’s not being used as a makeshift club in your living room, it shuts down into a relatively normal looking Corian coffee table. No price listed, available “on demand for the discerning homebody”.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Honda International Bikes: "ST1300"

ST1300: Sport Touring Motorcycle

Price: starting from $14,599

Building a motorcycle that’s part supersport performer and part long-distance tourer is no easy feat. Satisfying the rider who demands an impeccable combination of both can be even harder. Which is why for years serious sport-touring pilots have turned to one machine: Honda’s ST1300. Inspired by our class-leading Gold Wing and CBRs, the ST1300 seamlessly pairs comfort—sleek, wind-cheating bodywork, huge, detachable saddlebags, an electronically adjustable windscreen—with a powerful V-4 engine and lightweight chassis delivering performance usually reserved for the sportbike set. Exactly the kind of class-leading machine you can count on from Honda.


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