Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ओळखलंत का सर मला

ओळखलंत का सर मला, पावसात आला कोणी
कपडे होते कर्दमलेले केसांवरती पाणी

क्षणभर बसला, नतं र हसला, बोलला वरती पाहून
गंगामाई पाहुणी आली गेली घरट्यात राहून

माहेरवाशीण पोरीसारखी चार भिंतीत नाचली
मोकळया हाती जाईल कशी बायको मात्र वाचली

भिंत खचली, चूल विझली होते नव्हते गेले
प्रसाद म्हणून पापण्यांमध्ये पाणी थोडे ठेवले

कारभारणीला घेऊन संगे सर आता लढतो आहे
चिखलगाळ काढतो आहे, पडकी भिंत बांधतो आहे

खिशाकडे हात जाताच हसत हसत उठला
पैसे नकोत सर जरा एकटेपणा वाटला

मोडून पडला संसार तरी मोडला नाही कणा
पाठीवरती हात ठेवून फक्त लढ म्हणा!
- कुसुमाग्रज
मराठी दिनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा..

Jai Shri Krishna

Sachin Tendulkar with Family

Tendulkar's - Sachin with Son Arjun Wife Anjali and Daughter Sara

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Days of Doordarshan .. 4

Vikram Aur Vetal



Book Quotes "Toch Chandrama"

१. सारे जरि ते तसेच धुंदी आज ती कुठे?
    मीहि तोच तीच तूही प्रीती आज ती कुठे?
    ती न आर्तता उरात स्वप्न ते न लोचनी
    एकांती मजसमीप तीच तूही कामिनी!

२. जेथे मिळे धरेला आभाळ वाकलेले
     अस्ताचलास जेथे रविबिंब टेकलेले
     जेथे खुळ्या ढगांनी रंगीन साज ल्याला
     माझ्या मनातला का तेथे असेल रावा?

३. काटा रुते कुणाला, आक्रंदतात कोणी
    मज फुलही रुतावे हा दैवयोग आहे!

४. मी डोलकर डोलकर, डोलकर दर्याचा राजा
     घर पान्यामंदी बंदराला करतो ये जा!

Author : – Shanta Shelake
Book : - Toch Chandrama…

Friday, February 22, 2013

Albania 8

The Albanians first appear in the historical record in Byzantine sources of the late-11th century. At this point, they are already fully Christianised. Christianity was later overtaken by Islam during the centuries of Ottoman rule. After independence (1912) from the Ottoman Empire, the Albanian republican, monarchic and later Communist regimes followed a systematic policy of separating religion from official functions and cultural life. Albania never had an official state religion either as a republic or as a kingdom. In the 20th century, the clergy of all faiths was weakened under the monarchy, and ultimately eradicated during the 1940s and 1950s, under the state policy of obliterating all organized religion from Albanian territories.
The Communist regime that took control of Albania after World War II persecuted and suppressed religious observance and institutions and entirely banned religion to the point where Albania was officially declared to be the world's first atheist state. Religious freedom has returned to Albania since the regime's change in 1992. Albanian Muslim populations are found throughout the country whereas Orthodox Christians are concentrated in the south and Roman Catholics are found in the north of the country.
Despite the presence of the main monotheist religions in Albania, many important Pagan days and rituals are celebrated and practiced by Albanians. 14 March is a Pagan day, called "The summer day". It is massively celebrated in the city of Elbasan and in Tirana.
Albanian folk music falls into three stylistic groups, with other important music areas around Shkodër and Tirana; the major groupings are the Ghegs of the north and southern Labs and Tosks. The northern and southern traditions are contrasted by the "rugged and heroic" tone of the north and the "relaxed" form of the south.
Albanian was proven to be an Indo-European language in 1854 by the German philologist Franz Bopp. The Albanian language comprises its own branch of the Indo-European language family.
Before the establishment of the People's Republic, Albania's illiteracy rate was as high as 85%. Schools were scarce between World War I and World War II. When the People's Republic was established in 1945, the Party gave high priority to the wiping out of illiteracy. As part of a vast social campaign, anyone between the ages of 12 and 40 who could not read or write was mandated to attend classes to learn. By 1955, illiteracy was virtually eliminated among Albania's adult population. Today the overall literacy rate in Albania is 98.7%, the male literacy rate is 99.2% and female literacy rate is 98.3%.

Monday, February 18, 2013

White Foods

Eliminate "White Foods" from Your Diet. White flour, white sugar and other processed foods are not only devoid of vitamins and minerals, but they’ve also been stripped of their natural fiber. As a result, they rapidly drive up blood sugar levels, which contributes to weight gain, diabetes and a host of other health problems. Avoid breads and baked goods made with white flour, sugar-laden sodas and snack foods. Instead, focus on eating fiber rich fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Days of Doordarshan .. 3






Large Cap Stocks

Stocks of the largest companies in the market such as Tata, Reliance, ICICI are classified as large-cap stocks. Being established enterprises, they have at their disposal large reserves of cash to exploit new business opportunities. The sheer volume of large-cap stocks does not let them grow as rapidly as smaller capitalized companies and the smaller stocks tend to outperform them over time. Investors, however gain the advantages of reaping relatively higher dividends compared to small- and mid-cap stocks while also ensuring the long-term preservation of their capital.

Funny Animals

Friday, February 08, 2013

Estelon X Diamond


Woofer: 11’’ Accuton,ceramic sandwich dome
Midwoofer: 7’’ Accuton, ceramic membrane
Tweeter: 1,2’’ Accuton, Diamond inverted dome
Internal Wiring: Kubala-Sosna
Capacitors: Mii, Teflon-Hybrid
Inductors: Goertz, Copper foil-AirCore
Frequency Response: 22-45 000 Hz
Power Rating: 200 W
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms ((min 3,5 ohms at 70 Hz))
Sensitivity: 88 dB/2,83 V
Minimal Amplifier Power: 20 W
Height: 1370 mm
Width: 450 mm
Depth: 640 mm
Net Weight: 86 kg per piece


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