Thursday, September 25, 2008

Passionate for bike - 5

After buying bike what we must do is to keep tab on petrol consumption. This will save you a lot of money and also you will also contribute towards saving the world against Global Warming. Here are some things you can do to reduce petrol consumption and which will eventually result in healthy life for your vehicle.

  1. At any speed try to stay in as high gear, avoid driving in low gear as possible without bike giving jerks.

  1. As much as possible reduce the use of brakes. Or keep brakes as free as possible.

  1. Always keep air pressure in tires as per the recommended level because lesser air in tires creates higher resistance and consume more petrol.

  1. Sleeping of clutch also contribute in wasting of petrol so keep the clutch well adjusted.

  1. Change Engine Oil on recommended intervals.

  1. Use genuine engine oil so there will be lesser friction in engine.

  1. Clean air filter regularly.

  1. Keep drive chain and sprockets regularly and lubricate it with grease.

  1. Clean the carburetor regularly.

  1. Clean spark plug regularly in every 2000km.

In short keep your bike and bike parts cleaned and well lubricated in regular intervals.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Passionate for Bikes - 3

Some months back I wasn’t aware how 100cc bike is better than 150cc or higher cc bike. And internet helped me understand what does cc means to bikes. The word “cc” stands for square centimeters of displacement. It basically means size of the engine, bigger the number bigger the size of engine and it is directly proportional to speed of the vehicle and inversely proportional to average or mileage of the vehicle. That simply means that 150cc bike will be faster than the 100cc bike, it will also be heavier and it will cost you more at the time of buying as well as for every day use, as it will consume more petrol than lower cc bike. Technically it means lower cc bikes will have better average i.e. distance it cover/liter of petrol. Higher cc bike will have better pick up i.e. it will have better acceleration. But beware it is not easy to control such bikes.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Passion for Bikes

We always use terms like “This is guy’s thing” or “This is girl’s thing”, this is not to discriminate what boys can do and what girls can do. No it is just the way boys and girl relate or react to a certain thing. Boys will go certain way and girls another. Biking or Bikes is one of those Guy’s thing.
Every man at least once goes through such phase of life when he feels that owning a bike is must, mostly when you are in college. Why is that? Because may be we feel more passionate, adventures, wild at that time of life. And Bike is certainly more adventures than driving a car. Riding a bike gives you a feeling of freedom, when you are racing on the road, overtaking all the vehicles in your way. You feel you’re top of the world. And then there is this glamour attached to the bike, you automatically gain a image of a “Macho man”, you get priority in girls list etc. etc.
Every one of us one point of time has dream that he is riding his bike at full speed, with his girlfriend at the backseat. She is holding on to him. She is talking sweet, naughty things in his ears. And then every time he race the bike or there are speed-breakers, potholes on road he can feel her pounding on his back and he feels that the road should never end. Heavenly feeling isn’t it? It is more for experiencing yourself; it can not be explained in words. Some of us went on to buy a bike and fulfill their dreams. Some of us can’t, they just watch others and sigh agonizingly.
One of my friend just bought a bike “Avenger”, It took us 2-3 months to zeroing on it. To start with we were really naive about bike. Only thing we knew was we want to buy a bike; but we were very much confused which bike should go for. “Karizma” and “Pulser” was our first choice but that only because we have seen lot of them on road and of course there is lot of advertisement for them. When we start inquiring different people for there inputs, they start bombarding us with terms like 150cc, 200cc, mileage, average, etc. etc.
And we were very much unaware of these terms that time.
So we found out first what does these terms means and how will they affect our choice of bike.
Let’s discuss this next time……

Take care….


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