Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Malshej Ghat

Samsung Galaxy S2

Approximate Price: 25,000 to 30,000 Rs.
Samsung GALAXY S II is a beautifully thin and lightweight, dual-core Smartphone. It uses Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The next generation Smartphone includes access to Samsung’s four new content and entertainment hubs, seamlessly integrated to provide instant access to music, games, e-reading and social networking services.
Latest version of Galaxy incorporates a dual-core application processor and advanced wireless network (HSPA+ 21) connectivity. Dual-core application processor delivers compelling features such as fast web browsing, multi-tasking comparable to a PC-like environment, supreme graphics quality and instantly responsive 3D user interface on the large screen. The GALAXY S II also delivers seamless multitasking, switching between applications instantly. Superior 3D hardware performance makes games and video incredibly fast and smooth. With super-fast HSPA+ connectivity, the GALAXY S II offers rapid mobile download speeds while BlueTooth® 3.0+HS considerably reduces data transfer times. The Samsung GALAXY S II has been equipped with an 8MP, high-profile camera and camcorder with 1080p full HD recording and playback. With Samsung’s patented AllShare technology, customers can capture, create and then share their experiences hassle-free.
It has been equipped with Samsung’s new crystal-clear Super AMOLED Plus screen. Using RealStripe screen technology and a greatly increased sub-pixel count, Super AMOLED Plus complements the mechanics of the human eye to recognize images look clearer and more detailed than ever before. With a wider viewing angle and increased visibility in outdoor, the Samsung GALAXY S II provides a more vibrant viewing experience than any other mobile devices.
Special Features:
• Social Hub Premium: The future of communication – talk to whoever you want, however you want, all from one place – your contact’s list. Communication history, IM status, and updates from social networking sites are all readily available. From here, users can access all types of messages (push e-mail, text, VM and SNS) and respond directly without resorting to individual applications. It truly acts as a hub for entire social life.
• Readers Hub: Carry an enormous library of books, magazines and newspapers on-the-go. Through strategic partnerships, Samsung Readers Hub provides over 2.2 million books and novels, 2,000 global and local newspapers in 49 languages and 2,300 popular magazines in 22 languages.
• Game Hub: The easiest way to download and play best-in-class mobile games. Featuring a 3-axis gyroscopic sensor, the Samsung GALAXY S II unleashes a world of gaming possibilities. Try for free and download premium titles from partners like Gameloft, or ‘enjoy Social Network Games (SNG) powered by mobage including ngmoco’s We Rule and We City’.
• Music Hub: Make Samsung GALAXY S II a personal music manager and access over 12 million tracks from 7digital. Discover what’s hot from top charts, search for favorite music, get recommendations on albums, enjoy previews and download them directly to Samsung GALAXY S II.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


·       Kaok Da
·       inama-nauYya
·       k baMQa
·       inajaQaama
·       maRtyauMjayaI
·       rMgaaMQaLa
·       maQyara~aIcao paDGama
·       Alabatyaa galabatyaa
·       raXasaraja ijaMdabaad
·       Saabbaasa laak Dyaa
·       svapnaataIla caaMdNao
·       tana mana
·       saMBa`maacyaa laaTa
·       faSaI baKaL
·       jaadU taorI najar
·       baICla baorayala marazI eka^MkI
·       inavaDk  marazI ekaMkIka
·       inammaa iSammaa raXasa
·       QaDpaDo, baDbaDo, marku To AaiNa maMDLI
·       gaa{} gaaNao gamaitacao
·       AarNyak
·       Aamhalaa vaogaLM vhayacaMya
·       AMtabaa-Hya
·       Apara~a
·       ek da pahavaM k r]na
·       Gar itaGaaMcaM hvaM
·       jaava[- maaJaa Balaa
·       jaaOL
·       k taa- krivataa
·       ipa`yatamaa
·       saaTMlaaoTM
·       SaU.. kuzo baaolaayacaM naahI
·       taumacao Amaucao gaaNao
·       ivazao rKaumaaya
·       gaihro paaNaI
·       dovakI
·       caUk BaUla d\yaavaI GyaavaI
·       AMSa
·       camatkar Jaalaaca paaihjao !
·       spaSa- AmaRtaacaa
·       sattaaMQa
·       Kaaola Kaaola paaNaI
·       dadacaI gala-f`oMD
·       Asvasqa ra~a AaiNa [tar ekaMkIka
·       baara pastaIsa
·       maaNasaacyaa gaaoYTI
·       saaonaorI manaacaI parI
·       yaXanaMdna
·       hsataa hsaivataa
·       Sabd Sabd Sabd
·       sardar fakDaojaI vaakDo
·       AjaUna yaaOvanaata maI
·       JapaaTNaa%yaa gaaoYTI
·       saaonaorI saavalyaa
·       rtnaaXarM
·       eok  Taolao paDtaahota
·       maaNasaacyaa gaaoYTI 2
·       Aaz Kaucyaa- AaiNa kaLaoKa
·       maulaaMcaI naaTko
·       bakasaUr
·       paa^iJaiTvh
·       saMdoh
·       baaL AMQaar paDlaa
·       SaaMtataocaa Aavaaja
·       paanagaLIcao JaaD
·       taRpta maOfla
·       laaok k qaa 78
·       BaUta Ad\BaUta
·       caar idvasa pa`omaacao
·       rMgayaa~aI

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Book Review: KOSALA


Author: Bhalachandra Nemade
Genre: Fiction
Language: Marathi
Pages: 265
Cost: 225 Rs.
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
First Published: 1963

Bhalchandra Nemade was recently in the news for his controversial book “Hindu” which was as name suggests based on Hindu Religion. “Kosala” is one of the most famous but lesser controversial novel by Bhalchandra Nemade. This book has been translated in many other languages. It has been published in Hindi, Gujrati, Kannada, Assami, Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu, Orria and English. Kosala is not regular factious novel. Bhalachandra Nemade did some experiment in novel writing in 1963 and it worked out quite well.

The book narrates the journey of a young man and his friends through his college years. It is an account of years spent by a protagonist. He is from rural Maharashtra, comes to Pune to pursue higher studies. The best part of this novel is, that there is no romance or any emotional drama involved. If anything there in this book, it has hardcore cynicism. Anyone who had tested failure in life will able to understand the cynicism of the central character. But it is a must read book never the less. If I have to rate this book, I will give it 9 out of 10.


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