Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mastar Eke Mastar

“Movie Review: Mastar Eke Mastar”

Director: Sanjay Surkar

Language: Marathi

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Ashok Saraf, Pramod Joshi, Mangesh Desai, Deepali Sayyad, Surekha Kudachi, Vijay Khote and others

Released: 2009

Education is one of the biggest money making business today and it is getting bigger and bigger every passing day. We know many politicians turning into Educationalists or vice versa. There is nothing wrong in making big education empires. It only provides opportunities for students in higher studies in India itself. But trouble is that these so called Educationalists are more interested in making money rather than providing has become a big business. Educationalists are more interested into making money than passing on knowledge to deserving people. This movie ‘Mastar Eke Mastar’ is exactly tells the story of an ordinary Mastar (teacher) who becomes an educationalist with the help of all immoral and illegal ways.

Movie is about the Bappa More, played by Ashok saraf. He is a primary school teacher in government schools. He has all the bad habits of drinking, gambling and scheming mind on top of that. He makes students do his personal work. Just to get benefited from government’s policy to help divorcee women by giving them teacher’s job. He divorces his wife. This is how his story starts and he ends up being a wealthy man with two wives and big education empire.

I really like the core concept. And I was expecting a lot from this movie. As I said idea of the movie was brilliant, movie has Ashok Saraf as lead actor, and Sanjay Surkar as director. But movie failed in all departments. It has weak script and above all weak direction. After movies like ‘Choukat Raja’, ‘Tu Tithe Mi’, ‘Satchya Aat Gharat’ this movie is really a mediocre performance by sanjay Surkar. Without the presence of Ashok Saraf the movie would have been too dull to watch.

Lately the Marathi movies I watched had good subjects, good acting talent, and enough technical support; but they are lacking directorial and script level proficiency. So people making Marathi movie should really buck up. As I am sure they will not want the flow of audience to Marathi movies to dry out again. As for this movie if I have to rate it, I will give it 4 out of 10.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Honda Shine

Honda Shine: Standard Motorcycle

Price: Rs. 53,168 on Road in Mumbai

Powered by Honda’s revolutionary optimax & Ergotec technologies, the Honda Shine is a companion that understands & fulfills the rider’s need to do more in life by delivering superior performance.

Honda Shine is powered by a newly developed 125cc ’Optimax’ engine, which maintains Optimum input for maximum output and incorporates cutting edge technologies to deliver best balance of mileage and pickup. Due to its cutting edge Honda technologies, the 125 cc ’Optimax’ engine delivers class leading 10.3 BHP which enables Honda Shine to deliver the best balance of pickup and mileage.

Honda Shine’s ’Ergo Tec’ Design with lightweight advanced diamond frame and double suspension offers superior absorption of shocks & vibrations thus providing excellent ride comfort & stability. Riding position based on human engineering ensures, less fatigue and firm & wide seating space with comfortable seating posture for pillion rider. Honda Shine also comes equipped with host of innovative features like puncture resistant Tuff-up tube and Primary Kick/Self start for easier city riding etc.

SHINE delivers an impressive mileage of 65kmpl, under actual ride conditions, which is the best in its class. This is achieved thru successful incorporation of several cutting edge Honda technologies in OPTIMAX engine. Such performance is very useful in Top Slow drive condition wherein SHINE gives feeling like an automatic 2 wheeler as it reduces the usage of clutch & allows the rider more comfortable & enjoyable ride even while riding thru slow traffic situation, even more all this without compromising on mileage.

Technical Specifications

Weights and Measurements:

Kerb Weight: 122km

Length: 2015mm

Width: 730mm

Height: 1070mm

Wheelbase: 1265mm

Ground Clearance: 175mm

Fuel Tank Capacity: 11Ltr.

Reserve Tank Capacity: 1.3Ltr.


Acceleration 0-60kmph: 5.3 sec.

Mileage: 65Kmpl


Engine Type: 4 stroke, Air Cooled OHC Single Cylinder

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shoe Music Player

Do you like to new innovative gadgets?
Then how about this cool CD player in the shape of show which has inbuilt speaker in it and all the necessary control too.

And you can actually ware them too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

"The Magician's Nephew"

Book Review: “The Magician’s Nephew”

Author: C.S. Lewis

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy, Children’s Literature

Pages: 220

Cost: 125 Rs.

Publisher: Harper Collins

First Published in India: 2006

“The Magician’s Nephew” is a part of very popular book series “The Chronicles of Narnia” written by C.S. Lewis. It is in the genre of other book series like ‘Lord of the Ring’ and ‘Harry Potter’. Basically the book is written for children. Although it is a children’s literature I was very much interested in reading this book for various reasons. There are some movies already made on this book series and they are quite well made. So I was curious to read the original draft of the story. I always do that. If I watch a movie which is based on any book, I try to find the book and read it and vice versa of course. And other reason is I always loved children’s literature. I grown up reading it, comic books, magic and magicians, other supernatural world, heroes with supernatural powers, bunch villains with evil ideas, animals with man’s head or vice versa, all these adventures fantasies fascinates me. And they still do, I can’t help it. After all these comic books and children’s books create avid passionate reader out of me. Today I can’t sleep without reading something every day.

Now many of us already watch the movies based on the world of Narnia. So it won’t be as adventures or fascinating for the people who already watch the movie. It is also less adventures due to the fact this is first book in the 7 book series of “The Chronicle of Narnia”. So real action does not start with this book, it only prepares you for what’s coming next. As matter of fact books tells the story of how the world of Narnia is born. This part of series explains how the Lion called ‘Aslan’ creates a new world altogether with his singing. Yes it is too fantastic too believe for adults. The talking animals, another magical world and on top of that singing Lion can be little too much to believe. But isn’t it great imagination by writer? I look at it as I would look at paintings. Just get absorb in artist’s imaginations.

There are 7 books in the series of “The Chronicles of Narnia” and they should be read in following order as suggested by author,

· The Magician’s Nephew

· The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

· The Horse and His Boy

· Prince Caspian

· The Voyage of the Dawn Trader

· The Silver Chair

· The Last Battle

If I have to rate this book, I will give it good 7 out of 10.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Say No to Down Under Australia

Assault s on Indians in Down Under Australia is condemned by all India and Indians all over the world. Yes, the incidents are shameful and condemnable but they are not surprising at all. As verbal or physical abuses on Indians in foreign land is happening for years now. Indians at the receiving end most of the time. But frequency of attacks on Indians in Australia is increased in last year significantly and one of them is fighting for his life made situation even worse. So Indian media quite rightly hyped the issue and now whole India is worried and protesting against battering of Indian students.

But let’s face it there are various ways to look at this situation. I think the attacks were not surprising for various reasons. As we know human being is habitual to make various communities and live within community made rules or culture as we can call it. When community finds other community is prospering on the cost of their own. There ought to be some friction. That’s what happening in Australia, because of global recession Australians are losing their jobs and lifestyle. But they can see Indian students are working for lesser money and taking away their opportunities. Other things Australians are always been arrogant people; they will be good with you and friendly till you except their authority. Today Australians feel Indian community in Australia challenging their authority. So they are showing their violent side. Indians shifting or going for studies out of India are turning out to be menace everywhere. And this is not only in Australia but also in Europe, America, Canada, UK everywhere. It is absolutely due to recession. As in prosperity these nations don’t mind Indians and use their talent. But now in adversity they want to stick with their core nationals.

Australians can have reasons for animosity against Indians; but their violent way of expressing it is shameful. And what is more shameful is attempt of Australian government to cover up the whole issue and not able to find the culprits. But the most horrible thing in this incident is comments by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. In his message to Indians he asked them to stay calm and not to take law in their hands and many other things. But he also mentioned that in last decade about 20 Australians were killed in India. This statement he supposedly makes to balance both sides on this issue. Now I don’t understand what he exactly wants to say. Does he suggesting because 20 Australians died in India in last decade, it is OK for Australians to thrash Indian students? I think he is trying to divert the attention from main issue. And he should get his record straight. Does these Australians died in India because they were Australians? Because that is what happening with Indians, they are thrashed because and only because they are Indians.

I like the stand Amitabh Bachchan took on the issue. He rightly decline honor offered by the Australian university. I think Indian Cricket team which is playing T20 world cup should also show their unhappiness over the issue by wearing black bands. It would have been great indication of how important for India the security of Indian students.

In the end if the bashing still continues over next months. Indian students should come back to India and should not take new admissions there. And Indian government should declare Australia as not a safe country to travel. Say no to Down Under Australia. This will make them think straight as their economy largely depend on Indian students.


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