Saturday, March 31, 2012

Joint Life Insurance Policy

Joint life insurance policies are similar to endowment policies as they too offer maturity benefits to the policyholders along with all the other benefits by normal Life Insurance policy. Joint life policies are different than normal life insurance as they cover two lives simultaneously, thus offering a unique advantage for a married couple or for partners in a business firm. Under a joint life policy the sum assured is payable on the first death and again on the death of the survivor during the term of the policy. Vested bonuses would also be paid besides the sum assured after the death of the survivor. If one or both the lives survive to the maturity date, the sum assured as well as the vested bonuses are payable on the maturity date. The premiums payable cease on the first death or on the expiry of the selected term, whichever is earlier.

Accident benefits equivalent to the sum assured are available under Joint life insurance policies on the first death. In case both the lives are covered under Double Accident Benefit, the surviving life is covered under Double Accident Benefit until the end of the policy year, in which the first life dies under the cover of the policy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aishwarya Rai .......... 4

Argentina .......... 2

Argentina is divided into twenty-three provinces and one Autonomous City. Buenos Aires Province is divided into 134 partidos, while the remaining Provinces are divided into 376 departments. Departments and Partidos are further subdivided into municipalities or districts. With the exception of Buenos Aires Province, the nation's provinces have chosen in recent years to enter into treaties with other provinces, forming four federated regions aimed at fostering economic integration and development: Center Region, Patagonic Region, New Cuyo Region, and the Argentine Greater North Region.
The total surface area is 2,766,891.2 km2, of which 30,200 km2 is water. Argentina is about 3,900 km long from north to south, and 1,400 km from east to west. The highest point above sea level is in Mendoza province at Cerro Aconcagua. The lowest point is Laguna del Carbón in Santa Cruz province, −105 m below sea level. The major rivers are the Paraná, the Pilcomayo, Paraguay, Bermejo, Colorado, Río Negro, Salado and the Uruguay. There are several large lakes including Argentino and Viedma in Santa Cruz, Nahuel Huapi between Río Negro and Neuquén, Fagnano in Tierra del Fuego, and Colhué Huapi and Musters in Chubut. Lake Buenos Aires and O'Higgins/San Martín Lake are shared with Chile. Mar Chiquita, Córdoba, is the largest salt water lake in the country. There are numerous reservoirs created by dams. The 4,665 km long Atlantic coast has been a popular local vacation area for over a century, and varies between areas of sand dunes and cliffs. The continental platform is unusually wide; this shallow area of the Atlantic is called the Argentine Sea. The waters are rich in fisheries and possibly hold important hydrocarbon energy resources. The two major ocean currents affecting the coast are the warm Brazil Current and the cold Falkland Current. Because of the unevenness of the coastal landmass, the two currents alternate in their influence on climate and do not allow temperatures to fall evenly with higher latitude. The southern coast of Tierra del Fuego forms the north shore of the Drake Passage.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interesting comments by various personalities on Sachin’s 100th century

1. Digvijay Singh – Sachin is an RSS agent. All these days he was
waiting to score his century against a Muslim country.
2. Manmohan Singh – I congratulate Sachin and also appreciate
leadership of Shrimati Sonia Gandhi.
3. Rahul Gandhi – My grandmother created Bangladesh. She deserves the
credit for this century.
4. Raj Thackray – Sachin has proved himself to be a true Marathi Manus
after scoring this century. So what if India has lost, Maharashtrians
can not take the responsibility of the whole nation.
5. Mulayam Singh Yadav – If Sachin was from UP, I would have made
tickets of all Cricket matches ‘Tax free’.
6. Anna Hazare – Sachin deserves to be the next lokpal of the country.
7. Baba Ramdev – If you multiply all the runs Sachin has made by a
billion is what is the total black money in foreign country.
8. Kapil Sibbal – Social media need to control comments on Sachin’s
century. It will harm the fabric of secularism in India.
9. Swami Agnivesh – Now that Bangladesh has helped Sachin score his
100th century, they have proved to be a true friend of India. Lets
welcome their citizen in India and let them live wherever they can.
Lets issue them voter’s ID card.
10. Kris Shrikant – We selectors hope that by 2030, Sachin will also
score his 150th century.
11. Arjun Tendulkar – I want to play with my father in 2020 world cup.
12. Sachin Tendulkar himself – Aaeellaaaa…. Now what excuse I will
make to not retire.
13. Sonia Gandhi – Er….. She did not respond since she is suffering
from an undisclosed disease.
14. Karuna Nidhi.......Who is Sachin Tandulkar?
15. Jayalalitha.....Sometimes Sashikala could have been right. She
said something about this guy. I ignored it as I thought that he was a
Bollywood filmstar...In any case Dr. MGR was a better player.

But the best one indeed from Mamta which appeared in some Bengali daily:

She said- She was not consulted in advance on such massive score hike,
hence the century should be rolled back to 90. She also demanded if it
is not rolled back or withdrawn by weekend, Sachin should be replaced
in the team by MadanMuloRoy.


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