Saturday, May 29, 2010

Innovative gadgets: Knife Sharpner

If you need something done correctly( and fast), then you need to use the right tool for the job. Food preparation in the kitchen is no different. You always wonder when you see professional chefs slicing and dicing at super fast rate and precision. Their secret? Years of experience and the right tools , in this case sharp knives. It’s the one thing you can’t do without in the kitchen.

Even if you are proud owner of expensive, high quality chef’s knives, it comes the time when they do not cut it anymore. It is sharpening time and you can do it easily and professionally with this kitchen gadget. You don't have to go out.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Travel and Adventure: Malwan .......... Part 3

Shri Shivrajeshwar Mandir, Sindhudurg Fort
This is one and only temple dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj

DUDH BAV at Sindhudurg Fort

BHAVANI MATA Temple at Sindhudurg Fort


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Honda International Bikes: VTX1300R

Honda VTX1300R: Cruiser Motorcycle

Price: Starting from $9,999

It’s not easy categorizing a motorcycle as classically cool and feature-packed as the VTX1300R, so we like to go with performance-retro. Take a closer look and we think you’ll agree. Check out the burly 1312cc V-twin engine and staggered dual exhaust complete with mandatory throaty growl. Now shift your gaze to the deeply valanced fenders, chrome-hooded headlight, tank-mounted instruments, pullback handlebar, and floorboards with an old-school heel-toe shifter. All that, and Honda’s incomparable fit, finish, and overall quality. This is one great bike!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quotes from Book: "BAI, BAIKO, CALENDAR"

१. दात जिभेला म्हणतात,
 'हम बत्तीस तू अकेली, बसी हमारी माय..
 जरासी कतर खाउं तो फिर्याद कहां ले जाय?'
त्यावर जीभ म्हणते,
 'मानती हुं मैं अकेली, तुम बत्तीस, बसी तुम्हारी माय
जरासी तेढी बात करूं तो बात्तीसही गिर जाये.'

Author : – Va. Pu. Kale
Book : - Bai, Baiko, Calendar

Monday, May 24, 2010

Innovative Gadgets: Robotic Shark

This unique robotic shark has a full-range of motion to replicate the smooth, sleek swimming of one of nature's most efficient predators. It is able to gracefully maneuver up, down, left, right, and even backwards through water, in depths up to 9'. The shark can swim up to 40' from its handheld remote unit which is also submersible, allowing you to swim with your shark. The unit has a 15-minute run time per charge (four-hour initial charging; one-hour for each subsequent recharging), and an additional battery is available below for extended play. Remote requires one 9-volt battery. Each color has a different remote frequency so multiple sharks can be used simultaneously. Ages 8 and up.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Must Read Books ......... Part 8

1. Book Name: “Makhalashi”

Language: Marathi

Author: Shirish Kanekar

Genre: Comedy

Pages: 163

Cost: 135 Rs.

Publisher: Raja Prakashan

2. Book Name: “Narnia – The Magician’s Nephew”

Language: English

Author: C.S. Lewis

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 220

Cost: 125 Rs.

Publisher: Harper Collins

First Published: 2006

3. Book Name: “Turknama”

Language: Marathi

Author: Meena Prabhu

Genre: Travel and Adventure

Pages: 278

Cost: 250 Rs.

Publisher: Mauj Prakashan

First Edition: 27 August 2006

4. Book Name: “Mohityancha Shap”

Language: Marathi

Author: Pra. Ke. Atre

Genre: Novel, Fiction

Pages: 135

Publisher: Gan. Pa. Parchure Prakashan

First Edition: 1921

5. Book Name: “Midnight’s Children”

Language: English

Author: Salman Rushdie

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 552

Publisher: Avon Books

First Published: April 1982

6. Book Name: “Tambad Rakt Nava Halla”

Language: Marathi

Author: Arun Mokashi

Genre: Social, History, Travel

Pages: 184

Cost: 400 Rs.

Publisher: Granthali

First Published: 10 May 2008

7. Book Name: “The Great Divide – India and Pakistan”

Language: English

Author: Various

Editor: Ira Pande

Genre: Social, History

Pages: 380

Cost: 495

Publisher: Harper Collins and India Today

First Published: 2009

8. Book Name: “Bhatkanti, Raigad Jilhyachi”

Language: Marathi

Author: Pra. Ke. Ghanekar

Genre: Travel Diary

Pages: 368

Cost: 300 Rs.

Publisher: Snehal Prakashan

First Published: 6 April 2007

9. Book Name: “The White Tiger”

Language: English

Author: Arvind Adiga

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 321

Cost: 395

Publisher: Harper Collins

First Published: 2008

10. Book Name: “The God of Small Thing”

Language: English

Author: Arundhati Roy

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 340

Cost: 395 Rs.

Publisher: IndiaInk

First Published: 1997

Malwan ......... Part 2

Malwan and Sindhudurg Killa


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