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Top 30 Villains in Bollywood

Unforgettable Negative or Villainous Characters in Bollywood , Part - 3

10. Shakaal: Kulbhushan Kharvanda in “Shaan”

Debut role of Kulbhushan Kharvanda with bald look may be the only role he ever will be remembered as. Shakaal a villain with bald look, outrageous costumes, who has control over a island, he has a room which is controlled by switches, has automatic doors and Shakal also has his own shark. Does it get any bigger?

9. Shetty: Sadashiv Amarapurkar in “Ardha Satya”

Sheety played by Sadashiv Amarapurkar may be not as famous character as the others in this list but one of the best negative characters and equally good performance in Bollywood. If you still not experienced it, go and watch it as soon as possible. I am sure you will enjoy it.

8. Indrajeet Chaddha: Amrish Puri in “Damini”

Indrajeet Chaddha is a character of Criminal Lawyer. A man with scheming mind who can go to any extent to win in the rape case. He almost rape the victim in the court with his words. Amrish Puri gave a flawless performance. What made this character memorable is his regular jerk to his head just to move his long hairs off his eyes.

7. Dr Dang: Played by Anupam Kher in Karma

Anupam Kher did evil act in many movies but “Dr. Dang” was his most successful negative character. This role is one of his top most performances out of 100’s or may be 1000’s of movie he did. Dr. Dang made everyone listen to the “Thappar ki Goonj.”

6. Prem: Played by Prem Chopra in “Bobby”

‘Prem naam hain mera. Prem Chopra’ and their goes whistles and claps by public. The one guest appearance everyone was eager to watch. The small guest appearance in fim “Bobby” talks about Prem Chopra’s whole illustrative career. The Villain with good looks who can make Heroines loves him and he can ditch them afterwards. Perhaps he was the only villain in Bollywood who could manage that. He gave many memorable evil performances many more movies.

5. Pran

in hoards of movies like Ram Aur Shyam, Madhumati, Kashmir ki Kali, Brahmchari, and many more. He was the face of Villain in many movies in 1950’s. He was the guy people love to hate for many years. And he is also one of the top ten best actors in Indian cinema.

4. Anna: Played by Nana Patekar in “Parinda”

A ganglord named Anna played by Nana Patekar is most memorable character played by Nana Patekar or for that matter by any actor. Nana Patekar colored the cold blooded, cruel character of Anna beautifully. Who fears the fire to the death, he gets hyper and crazy just looking at the fire. His crazy way of hitting his head with his own hand and screaming was quite a visual and which was never seen on screen before. No one could have done that better than him.

3. Loin: Played by Ajit in “Kalicharan”

“Sara shehar mujhe Loyan (Lion) ke naam se janata hai.” Today if anybody wants to visualize a villain who is also a smuggler, first things comes to his mind is Lion by Ajit. And he comes up with a total package which consist his sexy assistant ‘Mona Darling’ and also people like Michel, Robert, Peter, Lilly etc. It is in real sense a legendary character. His legendary threat goes like ‘is ko liquid oxygen me duba do. Liquid ise jine nahin dega aur oxygen ise marne nahin dega’.

2. Mogambo: Played by Amrish Puri in “Mr. India”

Can anybody possibly forget “Mogambo Khush Hua.” Another legendary character in Bollywood, which has life of its own and the closest contender for number one spot in Bollywood’s Villains. Although movie “Mr. India” can be categorized as movie made for children’s. And Mogambo can be called as comic book villain. But the performance of Amrish Puri and his costumes can outgrow anybodies imagination. He is most stylized villain of all time. So I just want to say “Hail Mogambo.”

1. Gabbar Singh: Played by Amjad Khan in “Sholay”

Pachas pachas kos door gaon mein jab koi bachcha raat ko rota hai to uski maa kahti hai beta soja ..soja nahin to Gabbar aa jaayega’ and the manic laughter after that is one of the greatest moment in Indian Cinema. And I am sure nothing can beat that. This was Amjad Khan’s debut role and what a grand entry in movies it was? He played the biggest and legendary negative character in the Hindi Cinema. Gabbar Singh is by far Bollywood’s best villain. Amjad Khan will be remembered as Gabbar Singh till the end of this world. All the dialogues of Gabbar are unforgettable like ‘Aare Oh samba Kithne aadmi thei?’ ‘Ye hath humko de de Thakur’ ‘Ab Tera kya hoga Kaliya?’. I actually can list all of them. A grand salute to Amjad Khan for his performance and Salim – Javed for creating such amazing character.


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Undoubtedly Gabbarsingh is number one, Here is the introduction scene of Gabbar.

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memorables roles of these villains in bollywood movies...

sanjay kumar said...

bst roles of these villains in bollywood movies...


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