Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mastar Eke Mastar

“Movie Review: Mastar Eke Mastar”

Director: Sanjay Surkar

Language: Marathi

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Ashok Saraf, Pramod Joshi, Mangesh Desai, Deepali Sayyad, Surekha Kudachi, Vijay Khote and others

Released: 2009

Education is one of the biggest money making business today and it is getting bigger and bigger every passing day. We know many politicians turning into Educationalists or vice versa. There is nothing wrong in making big education empires. It only provides opportunities for students in higher studies in India itself. But trouble is that these so called Educationalists are more interested in making money rather than providing has become a big business. Educationalists are more interested into making money than passing on knowledge to deserving people. This movie ‘Mastar Eke Mastar’ is exactly tells the story of an ordinary Mastar (teacher) who becomes an educationalist with the help of all immoral and illegal ways.

Movie is about the Bappa More, played by Ashok saraf. He is a primary school teacher in government schools. He has all the bad habits of drinking, gambling and scheming mind on top of that. He makes students do his personal work. Just to get benefited from government’s policy to help divorcee women by giving them teacher’s job. He divorces his wife. This is how his story starts and he ends up being a wealthy man with two wives and big education empire.

I really like the core concept. And I was expecting a lot from this movie. As I said idea of the movie was brilliant, movie has Ashok Saraf as lead actor, and Sanjay Surkar as director. But movie failed in all departments. It has weak script and above all weak direction. After movies like ‘Choukat Raja’, ‘Tu Tithe Mi’, ‘Satchya Aat Gharat’ this movie is really a mediocre performance by sanjay Surkar. Without the presence of Ashok Saraf the movie would have been too dull to watch.

Lately the Marathi movies I watched had good subjects, good acting talent, and enough technical support; but they are lacking directorial and script level proficiency. So people making Marathi movie should really buck up. As I am sure they will not want the flow of audience to Marathi movies to dry out again. As for this movie if I have to rate it, I will give it 4 out of 10.

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