Saturday, August 01, 2009

Latest Pakistani Attack

Yes, Pakistan attacked India again. Don’t worry and get panicked as yet. Pakistani army is not intruding India’s borders as yet. Nor there is any bomb blasts planned by terrorists coming our way (hopefully). This latest attack by Pakistan is of different kind. This time they are trying to hit Indian economy big time. News is that there are fake notes of Rs. 1000, 500 and 100 are distributed all over India. Which are valued around 63 crore. And many more may be doing rounds from our own pockets. This is confirmed by government and RBI. These notes are printed in Pakistani Government print house. These fake notes have 90% similarity to the original notes. So it is very difficult to differentiate fake notes from real ones. These are very serious effort of Pakistan to damage Indian economy and life of common Indian people. There were rumors that many bank’s ATM’s are also delivering these fake notes. But banks are denying this. Let’s hope that government will be able to stop this illegal inflow of fake currency. And let Pakistanis win on any ground.

As for our own personal safety and if any of you don’t want to burn big hole in your pockets, just be careful while accepting any notes. Watch following video to detect how you can detect fake notes.


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