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Movie Review: "Natrang"

Movie Review “Natrang”

Genre: Drama

Director: Ravi Jadhav

Producer: Zee Talkies

Language: Marathi

Star Cast: Atul Kulkarni, Sonali Kulkarni, Kishor Kadam, Vibhavari Deshpande, Sunil Deo, Priya Berde, Kishor Choughule and others

Music: Ajay - Atul

Lyrics: Guru Thakur

Release Date:- 01/01/2010.

“Natrang” is a movies based on book written by Anand Yadav. It is a story of farm worker and wrestler Guna played by Atul Kulkarni. He is fond of ‘Tamasha’, not just fond of but passionate about it. He thinks it is not just a medium of entertainment but an art. So when there are some troubles getting farm works, he and his friends decides to start their own Tamasha group. But then he has defied by family and community for doing so. But movie is about how he resist everyone’s opposition and build up the group. But real trouble comes when they need a ‘Nacha’ in there troupe. When no one was ready he decides to be one himself. He loses his well built body and learns behaving like woman. And troubles come after that and how he overcomes them is what ‘Natrang’ is.

“Natrang” is sure shot Must Watch Movie for everyone. There are many reasons for that. First and foremost is stupendous performance by Atul Kulkarni. He made tremendous efforts for this character Guna and made him unbelievably real person. He first builds up amazing body to look like wrestler and then shed down all of it to look like ‘Nacha’. That’s really commendable. Performances by Sonali Kulkarni and Kishor Kadam were excellent. Sonali look ravishingly beautiful all the time. But pinnacle of the movie is its music. Hats off to Ajay-Atul, once again they proved they are A.R. Rahman of Marathi film industry. Great job by director Ravi Jadhav.

There are hardly any loose ends in the movie, everything is perfectly bound. Only thing I feel should have been different is ending. As I would have like to see more elaborate success story in the end rather than just giving it last 10-15 minutes.

If I have to rate this movie I will give it 9 out of 10. In case you still to watch this movie, don’t miss it.

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