Saturday, February 02, 2013

Human Body

The human body is divided into various regions or parts. Following are the parts:
  1. Head: Head consists of skull and face. Head houses the brain while the face is specially designed to accommodate the eyes, mouth and nose. Head is covered by a soft tissue known as scalp with the characteristic hairs.
  2. Neck: Neck is the narrow part of the body which connects head to thorax.
  3. Thorax: It is the part of the body which lies between neck and abdomen. It is also known as chest. It houses the two vital organs of human body which are the heart and lungs.
  4. Abdomen and pelvis: This region lies below thorax. It contains organs of digestive system, urinary and genital system. The area present between upper parts of two thighs is known as perineum.
  5. Upper limbs: A pair of upper limbs (Arms) is attached at the upper end of trunk of body, one on each side. Each upper limb consists of shoulder region, scapular region, arm, forearm and hand. Upper limb is meant to manipulate external environment e.g., grasping, moving, throwing, catching, screwing etc.
  6. Lower limbs: A pair of lower limbs (legs) is attached at the lower end of trunk of body, one on each side. Each lower limb consists of hip and buttocks, thigh, leg, ankle, heel, foot and toes. Lower limb is meant for locomotion.

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