Saturday, September 20, 2008

Passionate for Bikes - 3

Some months back I wasn’t aware how 100cc bike is better than 150cc or higher cc bike. And internet helped me understand what does cc means to bikes. The word “cc” stands for square centimeters of displacement. It basically means size of the engine, bigger the number bigger the size of engine and it is directly proportional to speed of the vehicle and inversely proportional to average or mileage of the vehicle. That simply means that 150cc bike will be faster than the 100cc bike, it will also be heavier and it will cost you more at the time of buying as well as for every day use, as it will consume more petrol than lower cc bike. Technically it means lower cc bikes will have better average i.e. distance it cover/liter of petrol. Higher cc bike will have better pick up i.e. it will have better acceleration. But beware it is not easy to control such bikes.

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