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Movie Review: Dostana

Movie Review: 'Dostana' – 2008 (Hindi)

Director: Tarun Mansukhani

Producer: Karan Johar

Cast: Abhishek BAchchan, John Abrahm, Priyanka Chopra, Bobby Deol, Kiran Kher, Boman Irani.

Music: Vishal – Shekhar

Genre: Comedy

“Dostana” which is very recently released is all in all good entertainer, it is mad comedy with little seriousness and little romance. It also dares to talked about the taboo around homosexuality.

If we have to talk about USP of “Dostana” it will be two guys who pretending to be gay, and there gay gags, Abhishek Bachchan’s superb comic timing, John abrahm’s hot body, Priyanka chopra in golden Bikini, peppy songs, and beautiful and exotic Miami.

First of all we should appreciate Karan Johar as he decided to come out of his stupid ideas around “K” letter. And now after “Dostana’s” success he and all the others like him infatuated with “K” will know that it is the content what really matters. Second thing he decides to take the homosexuality out of closet and treat it as a normal thing. We should appreciate the courage by Abhishek Bachchan and John to accept this kind of role and perform it brilliantly.

This movie is not at all about homosexual couple it is about two guys Sam (Abhishek Bachchan) and Kunal (John Abrahm) who just pretends to be gay to get a apartment. And after they get apartment they both fall in love with a landlady Neha (Priyanka Chopra). And there is Neha’s Boss (Bobby Deol) who also loves her. So in the end it is story about three guys chasing one girl and one of them gets her.

While watching movie first things come to your mind is the 'Kantaben' episode from Karan Johar's movie ‘KAL HO NAA HO.’ I am sure this movie idea has been derived from there. But in this movie takes ‘kantaben’ episode to next level.

Out of the star cast Abhishek Bachchan stands out big time. This is one of his best performances so far. He brings the house down in some scenes with his immaculate comic timings. The scene in which he narrates his love story with john is hilarious. After disappointment of ‘Drona’ this should urge him do selective and quality films. Priyanka Chopra did good job and gave 100 % to her role. She looks amazingly hot and sexy in every scene. This is her second successive hit after many flops so she must have been relieved. John Abrahm’s acting may be not that impressive he certainly could have done better but his physically being there in the film, did wonders for film. No one else could have managed that. Bobby deol was little dull. Boman Irani and Kiron Kher very small roles in the movie but the scenes involving them are the best of the film. Even the kid who played Bobby deol’s son was cute and lovable. Some of his expressions were brilliant.

Technically also movie was of top class, good cinematography, good music, good editing and good direction. And Shilpa shetty in opening song was very pleasing for eyes.

Overall it was entertaining and one of the very few good movies released this year. May not be the best but I think Abhishek Bachchan can easily get nomination for best actor in comic role and surely should win award for it.

If I have to rate the film I will give 7/10 and it very very good score.

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