Monday, November 03, 2008

Selecting a LAPTOP

Selection of Laptop

Now days everyone has Laptop, desktops seems to be out of date. Everyone is going for laptops rather than desktop for personal computer. Desktops are used only in offices. Laptops give you more privacy, more mobility and connectivity to your office or home all the time and all the places. Lot of people prefers to work from home on their Laptop rather than traveling to office. And for youngsters it is must thing to have after a cell phone. It is not only helpful for your work needs but also for social networking too.

So when my desktop start giving me problem I decided to go for Laptop rather than going for new Desktop or updating the old one. But I was really confused which Laptop should I go for, there are so many brands and so many models of each brand available in the market. It was really difficult to choose which one I should buy. I think everyone in India who is thinking of buying a Laptop will consider Sony – viao first. As there is lots of adverting for this brand and Sony is widely accepted brand. But may be that’s the reason why they are so expensive. For the same configuration what Sony offers other Laptop’s prize was good 20 – 30 % lesser. So I decided to first do my research as per the configuration. Points I consider before buying are,

  1. Dimension and weight of Laptop: You might be surprised that I considered this point first. But I thought this is necessary to streamline the selection and concentrate on one type of model, once I’ll fix the screen size. There are various screen sizes of laptop, 15.4 inch, 14 inch, 10 inch etc. Prizes of Laptop change according to the screen size, so it is very much important point in selection. I decided to go for 15.4 inch as I will like to watch movies on my Laptop. Weight of Laptop is also directly proportional with the screen size. You have to carry your laptop so keep your eye on weight also.

  1. Battery Life: Battery life is most important point as it will tell us how long we can be away from power point.

  1. Processor: Whatever is latest we should go for it, Select between AMD or Intel Core 2 Duo processor of more than 2 Ghz.

  1. Hard Disk: Anything more than 160 GB should be good enough.

  1. Ram: Minimum of 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM and provision to add up to 4 GB.

  1. Other Peripherals: Go for a Laptop with DVD writer, built in video card and sound card, built in camera. Try to find Laptop with the maximum USB ports, inbuilt modem and integrated Bluetooth, wi-fi, LAN provision. If it has card reader even better.

  1. Warranty: Whoever provides maximum warranty, normally it comes with one year warranty. And also look for the brand which has good service network. If it has international warranty even better.

  1. Operating System: Try to get a Laptop which has Pre-installed operating system, otherwise that will be additional expense.

That’s it bye the time you overlook and compare these point you will know which Laptop to buy. I bought Acer’s Laptop which cost me around 40,000 Rs. One additional tip if you are thinking of buying, buy it from small authorized dealers rather than in malls or big shop. Because this is where you will get good prize and you can bargain as well as you get goodies with your buy.

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