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SaReGaMaPa Marathi New Season

Zee “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” Marathi – New Season

“Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” Marathi is back with its new season on Monday 30th March 2009. As we all know “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” Marathi is most popular and loved TV serial or reality show on Zee Marathi or rather any Marathi TV channel. I think after completing the 5 successful seasons, in which last season “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Little Champs” crossed all boundaries of success, magic of last season on people’s mind is still there. And Zee Marathi comes up with new season which has very new and interesting theme.

This season is called as “Maharashtracha Aajacha Aawaj”. It is a season in which 10 professional singers in Marathi industries are going to compete with each other. Some of them are very well known already, some of them working in the industry for long but not a regular household name as they had been working ‘parade ke pichhe’. Now it is their chance to establish their name and let people all over the world hear their voice from this most coveted platform.

It is brilliant thinking by the Zee Marathi to ask established singers to participate in this season, as in there is going to be big hang over of last season “Little Champs” hangover on public’s mind. If there were any ordinary wannabe singers participating then people would have compared them with “Little champs”. And it won’t have been easy for them to match the standards set by the “Little Champs”. Only professional singers could have done justice to this platform and people’s expectation now.

At the end of “Little Champs” when Pallavi Joshi declared that next season professional singers are going to compete, I was very curious to know the names of the participants. I wanted to know if Zee Marathi can make any big singer to participate. Now when I see the list of participants, I don’t see any big singer but they are all known singers. The List of the Participant is as follows,

1. Ajit Parab

2. Amol Bavadekar

3. Sanjivani Bhelande

4. Hrishikesh Ranade

5. Amruta Natu

6. Madhura Datar

7. Pushkar Lele

8. Yogita Godbole - Pathak

9. Udesh Umap

10. Vibhavari Apate - Joshi

Out of these biggest names are Ajit Parab and Sanjivani Bhelande or we should say more popular names as compared to others. Ajit Parab is a Music Composer also. He is a singer of one of my favorite songs from Amitabh Bachchan’s movie “Viruddh”. He also sung and composed songs in one of the most awaited coming up Marathi movie “Mi Shivajiraje Bhosale Bolatoy”. So I am very much looking forward to his performance. Sanjivani Bhelande is also renowned singer; she was actually a winner of Hindi Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship 1995.

Then more than participant’s name, I was curious to know who are going to judge these people. It could not have been Avadhoot Gupte and Vaishali Samant are they are also more of contemporary singers. Even Devaki Pandit won’t have been right choice although she is very much senior to all of the participants. The judges had to be veterans in music industry. And that’s absolutely what Zee Marathi managed by rope in Suresh Wadkar, And Pandit Hrudaynath Mangeshkar in Judges Seats.

So let us hope that this season will also be as good as past ones if not better. And let us wish all the very best to all the participants.

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JATIN said...

Hey, I am a very big fan of Udesh Umap. He is my family friend too.


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