Monday, May 02, 2011

What does OSAMA BIN LADEN's Death means

India woke up this morning to the news that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. Most of us felt, ya we heard it before. This must be yet another false alarm and the man must be happily napping in his caves. But as the day progressed more news came and US President Obama confirmed and US Army killed Osama in an operation helped by Pakistan.
When I heard this news, I felt wow great finally the devil is killed and will rot in hell here on. But next question came to my mind is this an end of terrorism, certainly not. Because Osama was not driving force behind Al Qaeda for years now, he was on the run and people around him were real decision makers. So killing Osama was just symbolic than anything else which was confirmed by US and many other international countries Governments by saying this not the end of war against terror.
So what does this death of Osama means, it means happiness and solace to 9/11 victims family and consolation to US public. But overall it has much more mystery around it to unravel mostly regarding involvement of Pakistan in this whole matter. Pakistan Government and Military under Parvez Musharraf was certain that Osama has been killed and he was not on Pakistani soil. Yet today we find Osama killed in heart of Pakistan, hours away from capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. Clearly the corpse  of Osama lying in Pakistan shouting that Pakistani Government and ISI are big fat liars. On top of that Pakistani government came out with statement after the operation that they had no clue that US was going through this operation. And that may be the reason why US finally got to Osama. Pakistan has been sanctuary for terrorist agency chiefs all along. If Pakistani general public does not wake up in time, their land is going to be a heart of war between terrorism and whole world and whoever may win loosing side will be Pakistani people.
What does this Osama killing means for India? Probably nothing. Or Paksitan had made arrangement with US that we give you Osama and you keep out of Kashmir or finance our operations against India. And going by the US's history they will certainly agree to achieve what they want..

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