Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ashamed of being Indian

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than proud to be Indian and always will be for all my life. But when I see incidents like this happen I feel uncomfortable to call myself Indian. There are so many incidents and many of them happening recently that makes me feel ashamed of being Indian. The incident of rape on minor no she was infant then the incident when a girl was gang raped in Noida in daylight. This incidents always been happening in India and I am sure it happens all over the world as women are soft targets everywhere. I get mad every time but angers die down evntually. I am furious to the extreme today after watching this incident on the TV but I don't want my anger to die down this time. when I was watching news channel yesterday on the day of our republic day, a day when we celebrate our democracy. Which is as we know by far the largest democracy in the world? But then, a day before a republic day a same democracy has been demolished by some goons’. One organization which calls them self “Shriram sena” intrudes a pub in Manglore. They not only destroyed the pub but they attack the people in the pub. And they not only had been violent with men but even more violent with women. Which is disgusting if consider human standards. It was most shocking thing I ever seen on television. It was simply inhuman, and I would have imagined it in wildest dreams before watching it on TV.
Their reason for doing that is those girls were consuming alcohol in the pub which is against moral values of this so called “Shriram Sena”. First of all who are these people to teach others morality, how dare they to force it on others. And what morality are they talking about when they can do such a cheap thing like hitting women. That too these people are doing on the name of Lord Shriram, as being Hindu and as proud as these self proclaimed “Shriram Sena” I want government to take stringent action against them and banned this organization as soon as possible. If we don’t do that today be assure that this will be birth of another organization like the infamous Taliban in Afghanistan. And as being proud Indian I can not let Taliban like organization operate in India.
So the onus is on us we the Indian that we won’t take these thing lightly nor will we bog down by incidents like this. We have to pressurize the government to take the action as the election are nearer they has to take some action. But biggest responsibility will be of media. They have to take this issue on priority. They should not allow this die down like many other things happening in India. We can’t guys get away with this. They have to pay for what they did. But sadly I come to know that none of the girls has filed any complaint yet. They must realize that it is not only humiliation for them but for all of us. We are feeling the same anguish and anger as they must be. But these girls should come forward so that it won’t happen with anyone else in future. Only we can make our India better.
I also have big objection against operation of News Channels and Media. It is known fact that these organizations call media themselves to these places so that they can get instant publicity. It is nothing wrong on the part of media to go and cover the incidents. That’s how we will know about it but why don’t they let Police know about this every time. So that if the situation gets out of control they can immediate action unless media look at it only as business for them and not worried about their social responsibilities.

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