Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa - Little Champs (Zee Marathi)

“Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Little champ”

“Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Little champ” which airs on Zee Marathi is one of the best thing happening on the TV. Even though it is a reality show it is not boring, it does not have any over the roof glamorization and Drama creation without any reason. One of the very reason it is best because it is natural and it showcase real talent. Compare it to any other music reality show or for matter of fact any recent reality show, it will top the list any day. All the other reality shows are crap. Indian Idol should be banned as all the singers sing so bad that it irritates me listening to them even if the sound is coming from neighbor’s house or I have accidently switched to that channel. Least said about Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is better, because I don’t know if it is show to showcase new singing talents or showcasing Himesh Reshamiya’s Tantrums.

Anyways I am not writing this article to comment about these reality shows going on TV which are not by any measure realistic. I want to talk about “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Little champ”. I am avid fan of this show from day one. And I know many people who will agree with me that this will list in one of the top shows in all time best shows on Indian Television. Although it is a regional show which happens in Marathi, and therefore Marathi speaking people can enjoy this. But it can’t change the fact that it is far better show than other shows.

Reason I wanted to write this post today is this show is now in its last stage. There is only mega finale remaining and I am sure it will be most exciting and amazing as it promised to be. I am happy that all the five kids are selected for the mega finale. They all deserved it for their consistent performance throughout these 2-3 months. All of them have their own distinctive style; all of them have different approach towards their music and singing. And that is what makes this competition even better and I excited to know who will be the winner in the end. My guess is ‘Arya Ambekar’ or ‘Prathmesh Laghate’ has great chances of winning. But my vote will go to Arya Ambekar. All the others are great too my mother wants ‘Mugdha Vainshanpayan’ to win and my cousins thinks ‘Rohit’ will win and some of my friends are sure that ‘Kartiki’ from Alandi will take away the crown. Let us see what happens.

But why I wanted to write this post is that I want to request Zee Marathi channel to make a DVD of Best moments of “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Little champ” and bring it in market. I never want to forget these magical performances by these kids and I will like to archive them. So I again request Zee Marathi to fulfill my request. I will be really thankful and I will be first person to buy the DVD. I know many people who want DVD to be out. I already mailed the Zee Marathi; those who also thinks likewise should also mail Zee Marathi.


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