Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Little Angels - Sa Re Ga Ma Pa"

Little Angels

Last time I wrote article about “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little champ– Marathi”, I pleaded with fans of this show to request Zee TV Marathi to release a DVD for all the episodes. Or if it not possible they can at least release best songs performed on the show by these little angels. And I am hoping all the other fans like me will make Zee Marathi to release the DVD as early as possible.

After they declared that all five little champs are going to final I can’t wait to watch the finale. The finale is expected to be huge. I heard that people are calling Zee Marathi Chanel’s office for passes already. As I also don’t want to miss out on watching these guys performing live. I tried to call the channel for the passes too but I found them busy all the time. Still I won’t lose hope and keep on trying. And I suggest you guys should try it too.

Although I am eagerly waiting for the results, I also don’t want this show to end. It should go on and on. Now when there are no worries of results till the finale, the champs are giving some divine performances. I think the finale is still two weeks away, till that time champs and their fans should enjoy this brief period just for the sake of music. One thing I noticed while watching the show is that every week the public in the auditorium increasing in number. In fact for last two week they are using bigger auditorium just to accommodate more people. That’s tells us about popularity of this show.

Sometimes I really envy these guys because they can meet some of the greats. Not only had they met people like Hridaynath Mangeshkar, Yashvant Dev, Shridhar Phadke, Suresh wadkar, Shankar Mahadevan, Hariharan, Devaki Pandit and many others who came on the show to judge them. But also people like Shrinivas Khale, Aasha Bhosale, Nilu Phule and others. Nilu Phule himself called them to meet him. I don’t think these guys can ask anything more at this age these are the biggest awards for them that they are appreciated by these great artists.

Nilu Phule is always been one of my most favorite artist. He isn’t just an actor but an amazing artist. Unfortunately he never gets enough recognition as Marathi film industry is not as big as Bollywood or South film industry. Irrespective of movie, movie subject or movie content the only thing stands out from the movie enacted by Nilu Phule is performance of Nilu Phule. He worked with some biggest actors of Marathi Film Industry but he made his presence felt in all his movies with even smallest of roles. He is acted in one recent movie called “Gav Tasa Changal”, I am eager to watch it just for him.

Coming back to little champ, the measure impact made by the “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Little Champ” is on the sale of Marathi Music. The day people hear new song from the little champs they rush to the music store next day and ask for the same audio CD. So Audio CD makers and retailers should thank Zee Marathi channel and most importantly little champs. I also bought some Marathi audio CD’s after watching the show but I found that the recording on these CD’s are not up to the mark, especially for older songs. So music company should work on that because there is going to be big demand for Marathi Music in coming days if it is not already there.

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