Friday, February 13, 2009

"3 Wheeler Car"

Some creative designers across the world in Canada come out with Higgins-Aube ENERGYA. What is this? This is a three wheeler car. The purpose behind designing this concept car is quite different; since three wheelers are registered as motorcycles in many places, and motorcycles have fewer regulatory restrictions imposed on them, the ENERGYA is designed to bring racecar levels of ultra-low weight, big power and massive grip to the road that would be impossible if it was registered as a car. As such, it's got a much wider front wheelbase, enclosed seating, roll protection and amazingly good horse power.

It is in early design stages yet; if you visit their official website they are still looking for investors to finance the project in big way. But this is very interesting concept which never been tried in three wheelers.

I think this is only available in CAD design, prototype is also not built and considering recent financial crisis this car will take long time to hit the road. Let’s just hope they don’t just scrap it altogether.

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