Monday, February 09, 2009

Winner: Idea SaReGaMaPa Little Champs - Zee Marathi

Kartiki Gaikwad

KARTIKI GAIKWAD is declared as a winner of “Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs – Zee Marathi.” After six months of high quality entertainment show came to an end yesterday. I am little disappointed and shocked with the result as I wasn’t expecting Kartiki Gaikwad to win the show. Actually I thought she will be last option to be a winner but having said that I don’t mean she is least deserving candidate. She deserve to be a winner, she had it in her from the start. She has talent, she has outwardness required for any performer. She has no inhibitions while performing. She is more mature for her age. And she came for rural area so she will be good medium for Zee Marathi and sponsors of the show to reach the people in rural areas and expand their consumers. She will be good ambassador for her father’s music and folk songs of Maharshtra like Bhajans, Bharud, Lavani etc. which were getting lost in filmy music. So she will be good ambassador for Marathi people from rural areas. She will be new hope for them. So it is win – win situation for all.

Kartiki is surely on a right way, going for successful career. I just hope she does not lose her focus from singing and always remembers that she is a singer first. I think she will also get wild card entry in Hindi Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little champs. And she also should win that competition hands down like Vaishali Made another winner from the platform of Marathi Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

As for other finalist everyone thinks they all are winners and they have glorious future ahead for themselves. I think Arya, Rohit and Prathmesh were expecting to be a winner but credit to them that they did not show any disappointment on the stage. These kids are quick learners. As for Mugdha I don’t think she or her parents was expecting a win. But she is a darling of Maharashtra already and will be remembered already.

You know what the show was organized on the ground right next to my house but I wasn’t having passes, I had to seat at home and watch it on TV. But we can here the fireworks when winner was announced. I was little disappointed with the Grand finale show, it was as entertaining as it should be or it could be. I would have really liked it if last 10 finalists had performed also. But it was nice to hear from Shriniwas Khale one of the greatest. This is one best thing about Zee Marathi that they bring these Greats.

I am happier that Zee TV will be coming out with a VCD of the show but I wish they just don’t accumulate songs of these five kids but all the best songs performed in last six months by everyone. Then they are doing one music album with the five finalists. So I am eagerly waiting for that, let us see how they do when they have to sing their own new song. Zee Marathi also declared new concept for next Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. This time the competition is among the professional singers. So it will be exciting show. I am more than curious to see which singers are participating and who will be judging them.

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Anonymous said...

Kartiki Devincha Vijay aso...

Kartiki kai sahi gayalis...
I still remember songs like Kombadi palali ..she sang very greatly..

Congrats Kartiki....Keep Doing well..

Pankaj Kolte.


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