Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Dance India Dance"

India is going to get its new Dancing Star

“Dance India Dance” is new show on the Indian television. A new reality show in the host of many so called reality shows. Reality shows which are nowhere near reality only made up stuff. But the “Dance India Dance” promised to be different. And after watching it for first two weeks, I think this show is going to be one of the biggest hit on the Indian television. It is a high time that we come out of the crazy singing reality shows, which failed to keep up the quality. These singing reality shows has everything but good quality singers. And it is true for Indian Idol 4, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and star voice of India of this year. And it is really disturbing and frustrating to see these judges praising contestants even after bad performances. As if public don’t understand music at all. I think they should not start any more singing competition unless they real good singers.

For many years Indian television gave good platform to singers but other art forms remain neglected. But “Dance India Dance” will give proper platform, good recognition, good money, name and glamour whoever wants to make career in dance whoever has skills for it. It wasn’t like there were no other dance competition shows before this. There was “Boogy Boogy” which was good learning experience for any dancers. But it was never as big as Dance India Dance could be.

But rest assured that this show gets some real talent in dance which we never seen on the television at least. We Indians know dances done by filmstars in movies and now TV celebrities do some mediocre dancing on TV shows. But we don’t have real dancing stars in India although we have volume of talent. If we talk about dancing stars that we have today other than Hrithik Roshan, Prabhu Deva, Javed Jaffary that’s it and Govinda may be few years back. At least I know only these names, there must be more but they could not come in limelight as dance was not considered serious business before this. But I am sure “Dance India Dance” will change the scene for dancers. This show will surely come out with many dancing stars and many more entertainers.

The show has Mithun Chakrovarthy as Grand Master of the show. Mithun who also well known as Disco dancer of India. He was brilliant dancer himself. Then there are masters who did great so far in dance in their own ways. First few shows had some brilliant talents on display. It felt great and very much proud watching this, the bundle of talent oozing out of young India in every department. Let it be sports, music, singing, dancing or anything else. India is surely rising irrespective recession or anything else.

Let us see what this show has in stores for us, I hope it will be high entertaining real talent on display as it promised rather than high on melodrama like the way chosen by other reality shows.

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