Monday, July 11, 2011

Form of Exercises: Aerobics

Aerobic exercise is one of the best and safest exercises to do. It is a complete workout as well as a fun sport to do. Doing aerobics regularly can improve one’s heart rate, body condition and state of mind. Aerobics helps relax the tense muscles. The term “aerobics” literally means with oxygen. It implies that the body is using oxygen supplied for low and moderate intensity physical activities that are constant such as biking, jogging, etc. Aerobic exercise plays the same role in the human body by pumping out deeply accumulated fat from inside the body.
Aerobics is an excellent way for a person to achieve physical fitness. A person performing aerobics has increased heart rate and increased metabolism rate. Increased metabolism rate speeds up sweating and eventually accelerates the fat burning process thereby resulting in the weight loss. Aerobics involves using large muscle groups for a repetitively for a sustained amount of time. One of the plus points of aerobics is that it can be enjoyed even with the extended period of time. The most common types of aerobics include aerobic dance, bicycling, fitness walking and running, stair climbing and swimming. Dancing and continuous sports activity like running can improve circulation and overall cardiovascular health.
The benefits of aerobics include:
·        It strengthens the body including the weight bearing bones and the cardiovascular muscles.
·        It helps in losing the body weight and in toning up the body muscles.
·        It is very easy and widely enjoyed form of physical exercise and can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. However, it is not recommended for very small children pregnant women. And elder people should perform it for a short duration.
·        It increases blood circulation and lowers blood glucose and blood sugar levels.
·        It increases oxygen supply to heart, lungs and blood vessels and thereby, results in the smooth functioning of the body.
·        Aerobic workout is a great stress buster and acts as an effective remedy for depression, anxiety and tension. It helps to a great extent in the rejuvenation of the mind.
·        It also boosts up the body immune system.

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