Saturday, June 05, 2010

Movie Review: "Saving Private Ryan"

Movie Review “Saving Private Ryan”

Genre: War, Action, Drama

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Robert Rodat

Producer: Steven Spielberg, Ian Bryce, Mark Gordon, Gary Levinsohn

Language: English

Star Cast: Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore

Music: John Williams

Released: 1998

Saving Private Ryan is a war film set during the World War II which is directed by Steven Spielberg. I love war films and ‘Steven Spielberg’ is one of my favorite directors. So I had to watch this movie.

Movie starts with intense battle scenes. We see lot of blood and lots of dead bodies from the start. And among these we meet Captain John Miller (Played by Tom Hanks) who runs a successful mission of taking over a fort which was occupied by the Germans. After this he is given an even more difficult mission, which is to find a Private Ryan (played by Matt Damon). Private Ryan is the only surviving son in a family that has already lost three children in World War II. Returning the son alive to his family would mean a good public relations move for the Army, would make the son's mother happy. And after this mission Captain Miller, would finally be allowed to return home. Captain Miller and a team of seven soldiers set out to track the elusive Ryan who is lost somewhere in Normandy. So will they able to find Private Ryan? And will they able to save him and return home? That’s what movie is all about.

Movie has some rigorous, intensive and realistic war scenes. Steven Spielberg as a director did amazing job yet again. Cinematography and editing is excellent which is must for a film of this caliber. Tom hanks performance was exceptional. All in all I think this one is must watch movie. Don’t miss this. If I have to rate this movie, I will give it 9 out of 10.

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