Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Electronics Terms .......... Part 2

Baffle - a board or other planar surface used to mount a loudspeaker.
Bandwidth - the range of frequencies reproduced by an Amplifier or transducer.
Band-Pass Enclosure - type of enclosure used for subwoofers where the driver is completely inside the enclosure and all of the output emerges through a port(s). This configuration is usually designed for high output volume with importance of accuracy/fidelity being less emphasized.
Band-Pass filter - an electric circuit designed to pass only midrange frequencies. This filter acts as high impedance to frequencies out of the pass band.
Bass (low frequencies) - The low end of the audio frequency spectrum between 0Hz to about 200 Hz.
Bi-amping and bi-wiring - some higher performance speakers  include dual sets of connectors, usually the type known as "binding posts," Models with dual connectors almost always also feature a special type of crossover with separate "high-pass" and "low-pass" sections. These connectors may also be shunted together with jumpers to accommodate conventional hook-ups.
Bi-wiring - low and high frequency sections of the loudspeaker are separated electrically at the cross-over. Each driver unit has its own filter section and connection terminals. Both sets of terminals are connected to one amplifier.
Bi-amping - an extension of bi-wiring in that a separate amplifier is utilized for each of the two sets of connectors from the cross-over.
Bipole - A speaker design which generates equal amounts of sound both forward and backward, with the two sounds being "in phase".

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