Friday, March 04, 2011

Travel and Adventure: Mandangad ..... Part 1

Madangad is considered to be one of the most difficult forts to climb among all the forts in the Sahyadris. The fort is quite old and also impregnable. The most appropriate time to trek this region is between December and January.

Location: North West of Nasik
Villages at Foothills: Ambewadi
Altitude: 4841' (1476 m)
The area of the fort is quite small as compared to Alang and Kulang, its adjoining forts. There are only two water tanks on top of the fort in which water is available only till February. There is a cave, which can accommodate around 15-20 trekkers at a time. The area visible from the top of the fort is quite scenic. One can see Alang, Kulang, Chota Kulang, Ratangad, Ajyagad, Katrabai, Dangya Pinnacle, Harihar and Tryambakeshwar. It takes only half an hour to see the complete fort.

Nasik Road is the nearest rail head. From Nasik one needs to reach Satana or Taharabad. Only 2 buses ply to the foothills of the fort, and hence one needs to plan the trek well.

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