Saturday, April 09, 2011

Anna Hazare

One battle won by Anna Hazare today. His Victory wasn’t in making the Government what he wanted them to do but his real triumph was the hope and awareness he generated in Indians, kind of support he received from normal people, who had been manipulated by the people in power day in day out. We used to say only things that can unite Indians are Cricket and Bollywood. But Anna Hazare proved all of us wrong. Indians can be united for better future of India. This campaign of Anna Hazare ‘India Vs Corruption’ even stole the thunder from Cricket.
India has decided we can’t trust and wait for politicians to do right things for us. It’s high time we have to do it ourselves. We all were upset, angry, sad and ashamed reading and viewing one scam after another unraveling. Our hard earn money looted by politicians and moved it to out of country.
There was growing cynicism in India; nothing can be changed in India. We all were angry but was not aware what to do with this anger. Anna Hazare channelized this anger in right direction. He showed us that changes can be made. The age old saying ‘where is will, there is way’ is sounding assuring now. Young generation of India needed guidance; they needed real Leader who can lead us to better future. Unfortunately none of the politician in India today qualifies to that criterion.
But war against Corruption just started and first battle is won. We have many more battles to won.

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