Monday, January 24, 2011

Writing a RESUME


When you are looking for a job or more importantly looking for a career, having perfect resume is a most vital factor. Your Resume talks lot about you, basically it is your introduction to the world. Don’t feel pressurized writing your resume if you are fresher or an insistent job seeker. A perfectly written resume can get you your dream job and career and life that you want. You need to add all the impressive achievements, experience and skills. Remember your motto is to get attention of the reader immediatly; the employer must be receiving thousands of resumes for the same job. You need to stand out of all those potential competitors. Don’t panic, writing resume is not that difficult. Here are some useful tips to consider when writing a resume.

  • Start your resume with a profile, a summary of your skills, then your work experience in the field if you had any, projects that you worked on, your job description and then a sequential compilation of your academic credentials.
  • Don’t make your CV too long, be to the point. If you want you can explain it more in personal interview; but be short and precise on paper.
  • While drafting your resume, make sure to include all the relevant information like you name, contact number, address, e-mail id, web site address and more on the top.
  • Include the facts which if been followed up by employer check out right. Resume is not place where you can try your fictitious ideas.
  • It is a fact that Resume is your first impression to the employer, so you need to present your best. But at no point exaggerate. It might get you a job but can land you in trouble in future.
  • If you have previous work experience then adding a reference list to your resume is a good idea.
  • Try and avoid any grammatical or spelling errors. If you have more than one page of your resume then maintain same format and font type throughout the resume.
  • Proofread your resume thoroughly before applying for the job.

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