Friday, January 14, 2011

The Zoya Factor



Author: Anuja Chauhan
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Pages: 509
Cost: 295 Rs.
Publisher: Harper Collins
First Published: 2008

Anuja Chauhan had very long and celebrated career in JWT advertising agency. She worked with some biggest brands in India like Pepsi, Nokia, Kurkure and others. She has worked on some very famous advertising lines such as "Yeh dil mange more", "Mera number kab ayega," "Nothing official about it," and "Oye bubbly." With “The Zoya Factor” she became a novelist. This is her first novel which was published in 2008. Her second book “Battle for Bittora” was published in 2010.
Protagonist of this book is Zoya Solanki, who is a 27 year old advertising professional. And the male protagonist is Nikhil Khoda who is Indian cricket team captain. And no prize for guessing that he is characterized on Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The author didn’t make any effort avoiding any resemblance to Dhoni. When you read the description, you can only imagine and him only. Now the story is based on a superstition of the Indian cricket team that, Zoya Solanki is a lucky charm for them! So much so that, they never lose a single match when they have breakfast with her and the one whom she kisses emerges as the Man of the Match!! And reasoning for this is that Zoya was born at the exact moment that India won the World Cup in 1983. Even Indian cricket board appoints her to travel with Indian cricket team to Australia for World Cup.
Yes, this is little hard to digest; but once you do that it is very entertaining and romantic novel to read. I read in newspaper some days back that Shahrukh Khan bought rights to make a movie based on this book. So we will see “The Zoya Factor” on screen very soon. I am eager to know the casting of the movie.
If I have to rate this movie I will give it 7 out of 10.

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Thanks for this nice book review. I enjoyed it. I read book reviews on different sites, I find your review very genuine and orignal.


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